Pays de la Loire thematic itineraries

Pays de la Loire thematic itineraries

Cheap Pays de la Loire

Consult the tourist offices for the free museums some days and pass offering discounts. 


In addition to beaches, think about leisure centers :

  • Guenrouët
  • Silléle-Guillaume
  • Lake Ribou in Cholet ...

The Réet-Loire and Mayenne.

The view of the Saint-Nazaire bridge, romanticism of the Loire between Nantes and Saumur, the panorama from Mount of Avaloirs… We let you unearth all kinds of life-size paintings that cost nothing.

Without forgetting the bike rides along the Loire and its tributaries, or in forest, like those of Gâvre, Perseignerocked or Charnie...


Tired of the châdu-Fou of course. But not only ! Difficult to mention all castles, abbeys et churches which line the Loire and its tributaries.

Eastern Mayenne concentrates on a small area sites ranging from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages.

For the Wars of Vendévous in the bocage, north of La Roche-sur-Yon.

The traces of the Second World War are in Olonnes while the small village of Mouilleron-en-pareds gave birth to the signatories of the 2 armistices of the XNUMXth century: Clemenceau and de Lattre de Tassigny!

Apart from cathéFlorent-le-Vieil or even Montsoreau.

With family, with children

From La Baule to sur-Mer, there is no shortage of beaches to relive Les Vacances de M. Hulot.

  • Go to aquariums like the one in Croisic and heading for the Nazaire.
  • In addition to the inevitable Puy du Fou, think of tree climbing and leisure centers.
  • Play Hobbits by boat in the Poitevin marsh or to the knights in Bleue. Brrr!
  • Trot up Saumur for its horses and troglodytes.
  • À Nantes, you won't go wrong with the fantasy world of Machines de l'Île.
  • Exit in the hair Douéla-Fontaine Biopark,
  • unless you opt for a safari in the savannah of Wild Planet
  • or spend the night with the white tigers at La Flèche zoo.

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