New Caledonia identity card

New Caledonia identity card

- Location: sea, which has 3 provinces and 33 municipalities.
After Area: 18 575 km² Population: 271 inhabitants (000 estimate), d & rsquo Density Chief town: Noumé Languages: the franc Change : the pacific franc also called Religions: Catholicism in majority Site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the lagoons (reef diversity and ecosystems), inscribed in 2008.


The French Calmer and the Pacific Islands. GDP per capita is one of the highest among the island states in the Pacific zone.

L'agriculture (coffee, honey, copra ...) and theLivestock (cattle breeding, shrimp ...) constitute a not very dynamic sector, whose practices have remained traditional. Cultivable areas are limited and only allow subsistence farming. Cattle breeding helps supply the local market, while shrimp aquaculture allows exports.

New Caledonia Caledonia. Metallurgists are trying to review their economic model.

De manièsol is rich in natural resources, which gives themining industry a certain dynamism. The archipelago also exploits magnesium, iron, cobalt and manganese.

The area tertiary (shops and services) is predominant in the economy (75% of GDP and one third of jobs). The financial transfers represent nearly 15% of GDP. The tourism, mainly metropolitan, southern and Japanese, contributes very little to the GDP. After a few years of growth, this sector is in the process of stagnation.

The archipelago tries to reconcile development (economic and tourist) and Sustainable Development.

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