Moscow thematic routes

Moscow thematic routes


Moved by great writers, especially those of:

  • Tolstoy,
  • Bulgakov
  • Gorky
  • Stanislavski (immense director)
  • Pushkin (in addition to his house, see also his literary museum)
  • Chekhov.
  • Finally, do not forget that Gogol, Chekhov, Bulgakov and Mayakovsky rest in the romantic cemetery of Novodevichy ...


D & rsquomuseums await you, like those of:

  • Scriabin
  • Chaliapin ...
  • And then again the interesting museum of the great poet and singer Vissotsky ...
  • Finally, a little trip to the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music where so many big names studied.
  • Without forgetting to attend a ballet, an opera or a concert at the Bolshoi Theater.

Stalinist architecture

  • Aim for the “Seven Sisters”, these monumental buildings whose flagship is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • See also the Maison sur le quai (in front of the CathéSauveur), a former luxury low-cost housing for the Nomenklatura.
  • Finally, do not miss the All-Russian Exhibition Center: flowering of statues and triumphant allegories ...


  • Start with the famous Goum shopping arcade,
  • then continue with the large Elisséïev grocery store with its busy neo-Baroque decor.
  • L & rsquoKofe (Maison Perlov) features a breathtaking Chinese decor.
  • Finally, the Izmailovo flea market, huge, largely "touristized", but still harboring some nuggets ...

With family, with children

  • If the large museums can quickly saturate the smaller ones, choose the Cosmonauts Museum to evoke the pioneers of the space conquest.
  • To see polar bears and Siberian tigers, head to the zoo.
  • But also the children's theater (Teatr Natalia Sats)
  • or the circuses where you can go without understanding Russian.
  • Without forgetting, from April to September, the boat trips on the Moskva!

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