Money and budget United Arab Emirates

Money and budget United Arab Emirates

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- Change : l & rsquoci rarely used).

As the dirham is tied to the dollar, its decline made travel cheaper.
In February 2020: 1 € = 4 Dhs and 1 Dhs = 0,25 €.

- The change s & rsquo22pm (from 17pm only on Fridays). As much as possible, ask for small bills: large ones are often refused, traders frequently not having enough change.

- The banks are moaning. All of this can vary during Ramadan.

- We find ATMs accessible 24 hours a day everywhere.

- The Bank cards, Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Club and American Express, are widely accepted, with the exception of smaller convenience stores. It happens that some stores want to add fees: refuse, it is prohibited.

Budget in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is not that expensive country. They are even more affordable than Western Europe, with a good 30%, or even 50% in some sectors. No mystery that Dubai has become the first place in the world for the resale of equipment: the prices are drawn to the maximum.


Official rates are reaching new heights: nothing at 120 & euro stars.

But in real stars for only 60 or 70 €! In fact, prices vary widely depending on the occupancy rate. The scorching summer is also much more affordable.

The prices listed below are those that can generally be obtained through the Internet.

- Tremembers pay 10 Dh to Cheap Average prices: the category Chic: c & rsquoétoiles resort or 80 € for identical comfort in summer. By Internet, excluding events, we almost always end up finding something under 100 €.


- Very Cheap Average prices: 40-70 Dh will feed you in most restaurants, whatever the type of cuisine you want Classier : more than 90 Dh and sometimes much more for the trendy tables and high-end addresses frequented by outgoing expats.


- bus: 20 Dh is enough to reach Abu Dhabi from Dubai Rental car : almost essential given the weakness of public transport across the Emirates. By contacting large international companies before departure, there are weekly rates, with unlimited mileage, taxes and insurance, from 160 € for a category A vehicle. For a daily rental, count from from 50 €. For a 4x4, the prices go up again: nothing less than 70 € a day.

- taxis: almost all of them have taximeters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but this is not the case in other emirates. There, it is better to know the prices to agree the price of the trip with the driver. Roughly speaking, it takes at least 10 Dh for a trip in Dubai, between Sharjah and Dubai a trip costs 20 to 30 Dh and 25 to 40 Dh from Ajman. In Sharjah itself, 5 to 10 Dh.


It all depends on the restaurant. Nothing is left in the taverns. A 10% service is often added elsewhere; some give as much as 15% or even 20%, especially in the more chic establishments.

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