Money and budget New Zealand

Money and budget New Zealand

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- The currency is the New Zealand dollar. The banknotes, polymer (plasticized) as in Australia, exist in denominations of 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 NZ $. There are 5 different coins: 10, 20 and 50 c, 1 and 2 NZ $.

In February 2020, € 1 = NZ $ 1,70 and NZ $ 1 = € 0,60.

- La Bank card is the best way to pay abroad. Visa and MasterCard are accepted everywhere, unlike American Express or Diners Club. They also include insurance which covers the traveler during his stay, including in certain cases for rental cars (but in no case motor homes or derivatives).

- The Chèzélandais. Those who care will take it in Australian dollars. A word of advice: change or cash your traveller's checks at American Express or Thomas Cook offices, which do not charge any commission on their own checks. Otherwise, compare bank commissions which can vary widely between banks.

- Banks: the biggest neze banks ANZ, ASB, Bank of New Zealand, National Bank of New Zealand - have branches all over the country, equipped with 24-hour ATMs.

- The classic change towns.

Budget in New Zealand 

The coststop & hellip as the name suggests - are mostly done in batches.


Good news: Zealand.

- Cheap Average prices: for a double room in a motel or hotel Classier (Auckland and Wellington especially) : count at least NZ $ 150 for a star hotel.


- Cheap Classier : 20 to Small A coffee : NZ $ 3,50 to 4.


- Plane: considering the distances at the most advantageous cost is Jetstar. The service is equivalent.

- bus: examples of tariffs: Auckland-Wellington from NZ $ 25, by taking it in advance. Allow 11 hours of travel, doable at night to save one night in a hotel. The places benefiting from the largest reductions are reserved as far in advance as possible. Otherwise, discounts on the normal rate for those with a student card or Youth Hostel Association.

- Rental car : for a small car (category A), plan for at least € 300 per week if you go through a traditional rental agency. But out of season, a small sedan can cost from NZ $ 20 per day. We recommend that you rent your car or van through the agency Jucy Rentals, much cheaper than the others. Count NZ $ 20-40 per day for renting a standard car.

- Motorhome rental: We advise Motorhome Republic. Depending on the dates chosen, they offer the most interesting rental company on the principle of a search engine. Very professional, they answer all questions.


In New Zealand, it is not customary to tip, except in some large restaurants (up to 10% of the bill, depending on the service).

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