Money and budget Madeira

Money and budget Madeira

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The currency in Madeira is the same as in Portugal, so it iseuro.

The banks

They are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 15 p.m. (some private banks are even open until 18 p.m.).

Payment cards

There are distributors (multibanco) all over the archipelago, and payment cards are accepted in most points of sale, shops and hotels. Even on Porto Santo.

Since Portugal (and therefore Madeira) is part of the euro zone, it does not apply no bank charges for card payments, on the other hand, withdrawals are subject to the same pricing conditions as those made in France and may be chargeable (but this is rare), check with your bank before departure.

Budget in Madeira


The prices indicated are for 2 people, breakfast included most of the time.

We indicate the prices in high season (April and end of May) and for the end of year celebrations.

- Cheap Average prices: 50-80 & euro Chic: 80-150 & euro Trèdelà of 150 €.


The prices indicated are for one meal per person.

- Cheap12 & euro Average prices: 12-25 & euro Chic: beyond 25 €.

Tip and tax

Tipping is not an established custom, but it can be practiced, in the restaurant or in the taxi.

Madeira Shopping and Souvenirs

Alongside the “heavyweights” of Madeira craftsmanship, such as magnificent wicker objects and furniture, or embroidery, almost unique works of art, or even tapestries, we can find small wonders, precious or simple, easy to transport:

- lace spider bolo de mel, these dice of mignonnettes of madè des bulbs d & rsquo des boaters inspired more original but much less easy to wear: barretes from there, ear caps, exact copies of those worn by peasants and winegrowers (very cozy at the first cold snap). And to keep you warm from head to toe, botachas, soft and comfortable traditional boots.

Embroidery, real works of art

The refinement of the fabrics (linen, silk ...), the patterns inspired by nature, the "touch" of each stylist make each piece a unique work and we will not mention the number of hours of work. You can get an idea by looking at the price.


It is a real industry locally. Today we continue to make deckchairs, seats, furniture, both for the local market and for abroad.

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