Money and budget French Polynesia

Money and budget French Polynesia

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- The local currency is pacific franc (CFP franc for "French Pacific Community", also abbreviated XPF). It is divided into 100 cents. Banknotes are in denominations of 10, 000, 5 and 000 CFP and coins are 1, 000, 500, 100, 50, 20 and 10 CFP.
The parity of the Pacific franc is fixed against the euro: 1 € = 119,33 CFP and 1 CFP = 000 €.

- You will not find peaceful francs in the store and often with a certain waiting period. No need to complicate your life: remove the liquid from the dispensers when arriving in Tahiti.

Change and payment

- The change classic is mainly done in banks, at the airport and in Papeete. The commission is fixed (416 CFP, or € 3,50). In Papeete, only the Bank of Polynesia ensures the change in cash for an amount not exceeding 420 € and obligatorily on presentation of an identity document.

- We find distributors in Bora. Be careful, they are often located inside bank branches, so we do not withdraw at night! Otherwise, post offices normally allow withdrawal at the counter on presentation of the card (cash advance).

- The Bank cards Visa and MasterCard are often accepted Bora, but it is preferable to have cash. On the other hand, American Express or Diner's Club cards are more difficult to accept. They also include insurance that covers you during your stay, including in some cases for rental cars. Conversely, in the outer islands, you often have to pay in cash: given the prices of pensions and services, it's a small fortune that you have to carry with you!

Budget in French Polynesia

What is even the most unfavorable in the Pacific, a notion especially true for accommodation. No need to hope to spend less than 100 € per day at 2 by sticking to the most affordable pensions and shopping. Only camping can lower the bill, it is even the secret of a real backpacker trip.

For you all for the modest sum of a month's salary of a Polynesian employee ...

Those with more resources and / or less time can consider one of the Air Tahiti air passes, or the rental of a sailboat with a skipper to combine accommodation and means of transport (it is better to group together, because it is not cheap).


- Inexpensive also have dormitories in the 20 & euro area Average prices: below 15 é Classier : there over 110 CFP per night (€ 000-545). Who says better ?


- Cheap 30% more expensive than United or, worse (price question), Average prices: impossible to find a daily menu at Classier : between 40 and 60 € the gourmet meal, drink not included.


- Plane: Air Tahiti offers several aéîles passes, which allow you to discover several islands and archipelagos at a lower cost. These passes vary according to the season and the weight of the luggage transported.

  • More information on Air Tahiti's plane and air passes

- Ferry and goéretour per adult without véle-Vent, the goéle-Vent are accessible for more or less 2 CFP on the bridge, but it remains quite random: no reservation, we show up on the quay at the time of departure .

- Truck and bus: it's the coolest and cheapest local means of transport. The passage costs around 100 CFP around Papeete. Trucks are found on most of the islands. In Tahiti, the bus serves more destinations, at prices varying according to the distance (150 to 600 CFP).

- Taxi: in Papeete (5 km). Good news: on January 1, 2021, all taxis must be equipped with a meter.

- Rental car : mainly available at le-Vent. For a small car (category A), plan for at least € 70 per day by booking before departure, with unlimited mileage, insurance, possible airport surcharge and taxes included. It's a little better for the week: around 350 €, for the same conditions. Be careful, some have much lower prices, but they do not include mileage!


Tourist taxes

It is seen in some towns and islands: Papeete, Faa'a, Arue, Punaauia, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Uturoa, Taha'a, Rangiroa, Mataiva, Tikehau and Nuku Hiva.

It applies to the following rates:

  • in hôBora;
  • in unclassified hotels, 50 CFP (0,42 €) per night and per person.

Children under 12 staying in their parents' room will not be affected by this tourist tax. Ditto for travelers and sales representatives in possession of a professional identity card during a professional stay for a maximum of 3 days.


In French Polynesia, there are 3 VAT rates:

  • a standard rate of 16%;
  • a rate of 10% for the provision of services;
  • and a reduced rate of 5% for certain products and services, including hotels, cruise ships, professional charters and passenger transport.

The hotel industry is taxed at 10%, including VAT at 5%, and a government tax of 5%.


In Polynesia, tips are not obligatory since invoices are understood to be service included but, as in mainland France, it is customary to leave some when you are satisfied with the service.

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