Money and budget Fiji Islands

Money and budget Fiji Islands

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The currency is the fijian dollar, divided into 100 cents.
In February 2020: 1 € = 2,40 F $ (FJD) or 10 F $ (FJD) = 4,15 €.
There are 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 F $ bills and 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1F $ and 2F $ coins, all beautifully adorned with island animals or plants - which recently replaced the profile of Queen Elizabeth II.

- You can possibly leave with American or Australian dollars, but the easiest (and least expensive) is still to withdraw the liquid in the distributors (ATM) on site. They are easily found in town and on the tourist coast of Viti Levu, especially in tourist complexes. Take precautions if you go to the villages or if you have to visit other islands (only Vanua Levu and Levuka have ATMs). If you do not have a code or the bank does not have an ATM, you can request a cash advance at the counter. You can change euros, especially at the airport.

- Always have enough cash with you for small daily expenses: simple restaurants, shopping, markets, buses, etc. The 50 and 100 F $ bills are often difficult to break, so have change.

- The cards Visa and MasterCard in!

Budget for Fiji


- Inexpensive 40 F $ for a bed in a dormitory (up to 110 F $ per day per person).
- Average prices: 40-80 & euro Chic: 80-100 & euro Trè500 €, or even more, for large tourist complexes and hotels on private islands.


- Inexpensive foods, restaurants, etc.).
- Average prices: 10-30 F $ (classic restaurants in town).
- Chic: over 30 F $ and up to 100 F $ per person (tourist establishments).


Fijians are not used to tipping, even.

Some daily prices

To monitor your budget, nothing could be simpler: buy what is produced locally and avoid anything imported!

  • A basic bread: 0,75 F $.
  • A soda: F $ 1,50.
  • A liter of gasoline: F $ 1,60.
  • For 2 F $, you will have 6 bananas.
  • A bottle of Fijian water: F $ 3.
  • A liter of milk: F $ 4.


- Plane: domestic flights cost double, with no reduction.

- Ferries: pre21 days). To link Viti Levu to 55 F $.

- bus: count only 2,40 F $ from Nandi to 25 F $ for a Nandi-Suva trip according to the company (25 F $ by collective taxi, faster).

- Rental car : 60-130 F $ per day for a small (or even very small) car depending on the period, rental period, company and availability, excluding insurance.

- Taxi: count around 15 F $ from Quoville, 25 F $ to 8 F $ for a city trip (with taximeter). 

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