Money and budget Dubai

Money and budget Dubai

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The monetary unit is the UAE dirham (AED) which divides into 100 fils.
In February 2020: 1 € = 4 Dhs and 1 Dhs = 0,25 €.

Payment and change

- There is no problem to change euros. Currency exchange offices in town offer better rates than offices at the airport and banks.

- Many distributors accepting the main credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's…) are present in hotels and shopping centers. However, check that the logo of your card is present on the ATMs before swiping your credit card into an ATM.

- Hotels, restaurants and department stores accept the payment by credit card.

Budget in Dubai

Dubaiyou on the promotional offers that offer flight + hotel packages.


Based on 2 people, here are examples of hotel rates, from the most economical to the most luxurious.

- Inexpensive100 & euroville. The chain Average prices: à TrèArab (7 stars…).


- Cheap Average prices: 130 Dhs approximately.
- Classier : 200 Dhs minimum and beyond in very good restaurants offering international cuisine.

Warning, prices may vary depending on the drinks. Thealcohol is taxed at 30% and can quickly add to the bill. If you absolutely want a drink of alcohol, ask for a house wine or beer.

Tips and taxes

Add to here is not already included in the bill, which can happen) and 10% municipal tax.

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