Money and Budget Canada

Money and Budget Canada

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Le Canadian dollar is different from the US dollar. It is worth a little less (around € 0,70 in 2019).

- Dautomatic ticket dispensers (ATM or cash machine) everywhere.
Please note, a fixed commission being taken by your bank for each withdrawal, in addition to a variable commission, it is therefore preferable to withdraw large sums rather than multiply the operations. In addition, additional commissions (generally $ 3) are applied by some Canadian banks and in businesses that offer the money withdrawal service.


In banks and exchange offices. There are even machines in some towns that change foreign banknotes. The commission charged (usually $ 5 at banks) and the rate vary from place to place. It is rarely very good in small towns.

Budget in Canada

For the traveler, the British cost.

Pre20%). See, below, “Taxes and tips” and keep in mind that at the cash desk, it will always be more expensive than the marked price.

  • See, below, Taxes and tips.


The price ranges here refer to summer, except in ski resorts where, of course, it is in winter that prices go up. Out of season and in some areas that are not very touristy, prices are more reasonable. Room prices vary depending on size, equipment and view.

- Cheap Average price : from 80 to Chic: from 150 to 250 $ CA for 2. Superior category hotels and B & B.


Shopping at the supermarket $ 26!

The price ranges below are generally generous enough to be able to do without something else.

- Very  Average prices: from 20 to Chic: over CA $ 30.

Museums and national parks

- For the museum $ 20.

- Access fee $ 10 per adult and free for those 17 and under. If you are traveling in a group or as a family (with several adults), the Family / Group Pass is very profitable: around $ 20 (maximum 7 people in the same vehicle). It is valid until the day after purchase at 16 p.m. and ... for all national parks. So, you can consider doing a certain park in the morning and another the next day with the same ticket. To be studied in the case of the Rockies!

Another potential good plan is the 1-year Discovery Pass which costs around $ 70 per person and $ 140 for groups / families. It becomes interesting from 8 days for a single person and 7 days for a group of 3 people.

Attractions, excursions and sports activities

The many attractions (suspension bridges, cable cars, theme parks, aquariums, etc.) represent a real budget. Count on average $ 30 to $ 60 per adult and per attraction. There is always a reduction for children, sometimes even for students and seniors, and often a family rate for 2 adults and 2 children.

Excursions to see the animals (whales, sea lions, bears, grizzly bears, etc.) are even more expensive 3 hours to go to see the bears or the whales costs about 110 $ per adult (reduction for children).

- sports the cheapest are the Moutain Biking, kayak, surf and paddle. But it all depends on whether you are renting equipment or going on a guided excursion ...
Finally, the most expensive activities are fishing (about $ 125 an hour!) and the Downhill Mountain Bike (in Whistler).

- seaplane flights are not specially given.

Taxes and tips

The prices displayed are not what you will actually pay. In hotels, shops and museums, the customer must additionally pay one or more taxes, including the GST (goods and services tax, GST in English). In all, generally count 7 to 15% more than the indicated prices, sometimes up to 23% in fancy hotels.

In restaurants, the taxes in force are the GST and, sometimes, a liquor tax (tax on alcohol), which can also represent up to 10% of the bill ... to which you will also have to add the service, on average 15 to 20% of the price excluding taxes.

In short, keep in mind 30% more than the displayed price ... if not more!.

Tips or gratuities (tips)

Service is not included! In restaurants (and wherever you are served at the table), it is advisable to leave at least 15% of the final score before taxes. In Canada, servers have a very low fixed salary, most of their income comes from tips.

The tip is therefore an institution that you cannot derogate from. Forgetting to pour the tip or leaving only 5 or 10% will make you look like a full redneck. In some restaurants, suddenly, service (free) is sometimes automatically added to the bill when customers are foreigners. In this case, of course, pay nothing more. The recommended tip is sometimes indicated on the note, which avoids any misunderstanding! If you are zero at math, don't panic, payment card terminals offer to calculate it for you; they ask you to indicate either the amount you want to leave, or the percentage.

When served at the counter (in coffee shops, diners, services or bars), le tip is not required. On the other hand, it is customary to place a little something in the cup or saucer provided for this purpose ...
In taxis : we generally leave 15% in addition to the sum on the meter.

Provide $ 1 or $ 5 coins for all odd service jobs where tips are plentiful (hotel porter, for example).

Canada Shopping and Souvenirs

- Maple syrup : it is the essential purchase. Perfect for gifts and keepsakes, whether in the form of syrup or its derivatives, such as sugar, candies and spreadable butter.

- The famous blanket 100% Hudson's Bay Company wool (known as the “spiked blanket”), on sale in Hudson's Bay Compagny stores. The green, red, yellow and black striped pattern on a white background has never changed.

- The matéop (known as MEC), which is a cooperative as its name suggests, is indeed the reference for campers, climbers and other kayakers. It also rents sports and camping equipment and sells Parks Canada's annual Discovery Passes.

- The crafts of the Firts Nations: expensive when it is beautiful and handmade. We also unearth inexpensive fanfreluches. The most renowned First Nations artists are found in the West. Finely carved pipes, original silver jewelry, stone or wooden statuettes ... Small, inexpensive gifts: dream catchers.

- Inuit art: many shops and galleries reserve an important place for Inuit sculptures, made of soapstone (soapstone). To authenticate the artist's work, the Canadian government affixes a label showing an igloo.

- From Alberta, you will bring cowboy boots and hats, but also “western” leather belts and the famous “cravat” of the West.

- Deameshirt products with his effigy, a restaurant or a bar that sells its house mug ... Nice and often affordable souvenirs.

- For amateurs, whiskeys Crown Royal and Canadian Club, Canadian specialties.

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