Jordan themed itineraries

Jordan themed itineraries


  • In Amman, the lower town and its theater (the citadel and the Jordan Museum)
  • Contemporary art exhibitions at Darat al Funun, Dar al Anda and at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
  • The ancient sites of Jerash and Umm Qays
  • The "castles" of the desert
  • The crossed fortresses of Ajloun, Karak and Shawbak
  • The villa of Madaba and its mosaics
  • as well as those of Umm-er-Rasas, classified as World Heritage by Unesco
  • The remains of the Nabataean civilization in Petra
  • The Museum at the lowest point on Earth, south of the Dead Sea

With family, with children

  • The Children's Museum in Amman
  • Paddling in the Dead Sea
  • Snorkelling (or baptism of diving) in the Red Sea
  • A camel ride in the Wadi Ram
  • A night in a tipi in the Dana reserve
  • The discovery of Petra on horseback while looking for traces of the peoples, engraved on the rocks
  • Corals and wrecks off Aqaba from a glass bottom boat.


  • Hikes in Petra (on and off the beaten track), in Dana and in the wadi Ram
  • Diving in the Red Sea (in the Dead Sea ... it's dead!)
  • Windsurfing or sea kayaking
  • Climbing in Wadi Ram
  • Canyoning in Wadi Mujib (or, more confidential, Wadi Hasa)


  • Ajloun nature reserve
  • The little tourist site of Umm Qays
  • The Azraq Wetland Reserve and Shaumari (Arabian oryx)
  • The Dead Sea Panoramic Complex to better understand the Dead Sea ecosystem
  • The Aqaba Marine Park to understand that of the Red Sea
  • The Dana reserve, for its admirable birdlife, and that of Wadi Mujib for hiking and discovering their incredible biodiversity
  • The Petra site
  • The unique beauty, which you can walk for days and days just like the Wadi Ram and its orange-red sand where you bivouac under the stars.


  • For swimming, Aqaba, by the Red Sea (Préville)
  • For skin care and to add salt to swimming, the beaches of the Dead Sea

On pilgrimage

  • The site of the baptism Maghtas) 
  • The map of the Holy Land dating from the XNUMXth century Georges de Madaba MachéBaptiste
  • Lot's sanctuary

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