Istanbul themed routes

Istanbul themed routes


Istanbul is a monument in itself! Many Byzantine churches, Ottoman mosques or palaces deserve to be admired, scrutinized.

  • A special mention for the Şakirin mosque, with contemporary lines, in Üsküdar.

Contemplation and relaxation

  • Have a drink at sunset on a terrace with a view of the Marmara Sea, the domes and the minarets of the city, while listening to the song of the muezzin.
  • Take a nap in Gülhane Park.
  • A cruise on the Bosphorus is highly recommended
  • and, for the panorama, a passage through Rumeli Hissan, also called the castle of Europe.

Contemporary art

  • Visit the exhibitions of the Museum of Modern Art and the art galleries of Beyoğlu district.
  • A contemporary art biennial is held in the fall (odd years).

Nightlife: where to go out?

  • It is in Beyoğlu that Istanbul experiences its most feverish nights with its shooters bars and nightclubs.
  • Otherwise, there is a lot of action in the trendy little district of Tophane, near Karaköy.
  • The center of Kadıkövyou of the nightlife.
  • The Istanbul jet set can be found on the banks of the Bosphorus beyond the Ortaköy district.

Trendy places

  • The restaurants of the moment are fond of the Beyoğlu district.
  • Young clothing designers and other designers are opening shops in the streets that lead to the Galata Tower.
  • During the day, stylish but cool youth hang out in Cihangir.


  • Stroll along the Galip Dede Caddesi, the music district, to find instruments, scores and records.

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