Health and Safety St. Petersburg

Health and Safety St. Petersburg

Medical centers

The 2 united centers. They have matvous with yours, and also on the websites of these clinics.

  • Euromed Clinic
  • Medsi International Clinic and Hospital: If you ask for this clinic, be aware that Petersburgers can still know it under the name of Medem (it changed its name, following a takeover, during the summer of 2018).


Many, especially in the center. Some are open 24 hours a day, such as at Nevski prospekt no 24 or ul. Vosstanya. In an emergency, you can find pharmacies on duty by dialing 22 24 hours a day (but better to speak Russian!).

The pharmacies are well stocked (a lot of German meds). On the other hand, it is not easy to be understood without a Russian speaker.

Travel insurance

See health in Russia.

Emergency numbers

  • fire department : Phone. : 01.
  • Police : Phone. : 02.
  • Ambulance: Phone. : 03.

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