Health and Safety Qatar

Health and Safety Qatar

Health and sanitary conditions

The health risks are very limited. No vaccine is to be expected apart from the usual booster shots. Let us mention a few episodic cases of coronavirus infections. Consult very quickly in case of fever and breathing difficulties.

- hospitals are of good quality and have English-speaking doctors. However, they are expensive, so it is imperative to take out good repatriation insurance. Pharmacies, also English-speaking, are for some open 24 hours a day.

On a daily basis, protect yourself from sun : avoid going out during the hottest hours (it's untenable in summer anyway) and don't fall asleep by the pool, you will come back cooked like a lobster! Drink plenty to avoid dehydration (tap water is safe to drink).

Most suffer from headaches and a minor cold ...


Several countries in the Arabian Peninsula, including Qatar, have been identified as potentially at risk. Standard hygiene measures are therefore recommended, and contact with animals should be avoided. The frail or the elderly should consult their doctor before considering a trip to Yemen.


Number 999 responds to all emergencies. If you need to be taken to the hospital, it is best to go there with your own vehicle or by taxi, as ambulances are rare and slow.

If you are in a 4x4 and get stuck in the dunes on your way to the Inland Sea, there are 24-hour assistance services available. Beware, it's rare to run into someone who speaks English, and private towing can cost a small fortune.


Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world. You can walk there in the street at night without any fear.

Be careful to respect the prohibitions so as not to risk getting in delicacy with Islamic law: no alcohol in the streets, no driving while intoxicated (the alcohol level while driving is 0%), no public expressions of affection (even less for homosexuals), etc.

It is strictly forbidden to photograph public buildings. Also, of course, avoid photographing people without asking them.


Since 2017, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have severed diplomatic relations with Qatar. This results in an embargo, the border closure with Qatar, and the ban on flights over their airspace to the national company Qatar Airways. You can nevertheless travel to Qatar via a third country. Travelers are advised to check with their airline in the event of changes to their flight / stopover.

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