Health and safety Montenegro

Health and safety Montenegro


There is no specific health hazard to report in Montenegro.

In addition to universal vaccines (DTCP, MMR, and in particular measles), the following vaccinations may be recommended, depending on the length and conditions of stay, particularly in the event of a stay in rural and / or forest areas: hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, meningococcus, tick-borne encephalitis et rage.

THEtap water is generally drinkable, although a few remote areas still escape the rule. In these places, it is better to make sure before drinking that the water is safe and to avoid consuming uncooked vegetables and fruits. Swimming in stagnant water can expose you to the risk of bilharzia.

L & rsquovy you Sun burn, which can be devastating, both on the beaches of the Adriatic and in the mountains, where we are often less suspicious. When hiking at altitude, do not be surprised by bad weather and without the necessary equipment: sweater, waterproof clothing, pants, torch, etc.

THEhospital equipment and emergency services do not benefit from advanced equipment and technology. It is advisable to take out repatriation insurance.


Thefts are relatively infrequent and Montenegro is, on the whole, a fairly safe country. Trafficking of all kinds which cross the Sandjak and the border areas to the north are unlikely to concern you.

Know everything about the fake Serbian passports, bought Kosovar & Hellip paper if only because the mines laid by the UCK in the 1990s have not all been removed (especially towards Plav).

In short, we will therefore apply in Montenegro the same classic rules of prudence as elsewhere.

Violent fires are raging in the Lustica peninsula, south of the Bay of Kotor, in the west of the country. Some tourist areas have been evacuated. It is therefore advisable to stay informed of the evolution of the situation and to follow the instructions given by the local authorities.

Basic precautions

- Money, papers, etc. : he can be Car: don't leave anything lying around Driving: be careful if you get behind the wheel, the roads are (trèlarigot! and, d & rsquode-poule et les cows, é Live under solid furniture, open windows and walls.

Emergency numbers

- Police : 122.
- Firefighters : 123.
- SAMU : 124.
Ideally, you are better off asking a Montenegrin to call for you.

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