Health and Safety Dubai

Health and Safety Dubai


Vaccinations and precautions

In addition to universal vaccinations (DTCP, hepatitis B), the following vaccinations may be recommended: hepatitis A and typhoid.
However, before departure, a consultation is recommended for frail people: elderly people, pregnant women, children, people suffering from chronic pathologies ...


Malaria is almost non-existent on mosquitoes, because mosquitoes are active all year round, especially after sunset.

People applying for a residence visa must undergo medical tests. Caution : people with HIV, hepatitis B or tuberculosis are refused a residence visa.

Health repatriation insurance is recommended.

On the spot

Not much to you and drink plenty of water.

The Emirati from Abu Dhabi.

Tap water is drinkable, but the taste of this desalinated seawater is not very pleasant.


General security

No particular security problem in Dubai. It is a safe and secure destination.

Narcotics legislation

Be careful, however, to comply with local legislation, particularly with regard to alcohol and drug possession or consumption. Dubai does not differentiate between soft drugs and hard drugs. The importation, consumption, production or possession of narcotics (cannabis resin, hashish, marijuana, heroin, cocaine) or substances considered as narcotics (codeine for example), even in infinitesimal quantity (of the order of a milligram), are totally prohibited and severely punished. A few grams of hashish or cannabis can send you to prison for several years! Dubai has very powerful detection machines at the airport, so no recklessness with a leftover seal at the bottom of a packet of cigarettes ...

People undergoing medical treatment with any of these substances (especially codeine) should have a medical certificate certifying the treatment of a disease.


In general, avoid wearing clothes that are too short. This recommendation is especially valid for women. Clothing must be covering : no bare shoulders, no skirts that are too short, no shorts.

It is frowned upon to photograph Emiratis without their consent, especially veiled women.

Non-Muslims can buy alcohol in non-Muslim stores. During religious holidays, it is better to remain discreet if you drink alcohol.

Authorized rate of alcohol and driving: 0 g / L!

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