Geography and landscapes Turkey

Geography and landscapes Turkey

Turkey is one of the only countries in the world straddling 2 continents.

Eastern Thrace is the part of Europetaurus, of which the biblical Ararat is the highest peak in Turkey (5 m).

4 seas bathe Turkey:

  • The black Sea, to the north, has a slightly indented coastline, dominated by the Pontic chain.
  • La Méditerranée, whose coast extends from ancient Lycia to Hatay or region of Antioch, passing through ancient Pamphylia; it is the famous "turquoise" coast.
  • The sea of ​​Marmara with its straits (Bosphorus and Dardanelles) marks the geographical limits of Europe and Asia.
  • The aegean sea has the longest and most jagged coast (2 km). Of the string of islands that stretches along the Aegean coast, only Gökçeada (İmros) and Bozcaada (Tenedos) belong to Turkey, all the others were left to Greece during the dismantling of the empire. These islands are real little corners of paradise.

Turkey, in the East or in the West?

An old dilemma. Geography has not decided it. So there is little chance that you will succeed. The best solution is to give up and do like the Turks: live astride the references. It's not always relaxing, at least for them.

Turks are sometimes blond with blue eyes; sometimes they have the slanted eyes of the Mongols or the Kazakhs. Women walk around in miniskirts or buried in black çarşaf (chadors). On the terraces of the cafes, narghiles rub shoulders with smartphones ... Tradition and modernism blend with tightness on all sides.

Between 2 continents, you don't always have to choose. The proof, Turkey is a member of NATO. Since December 1995, it has been part of the European Customs Union, and on October 3, 2005, negotiations for accession to the European Union opened. For the time being, they are more than ever at a standstill. But the common story will probably not end there ...

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