Geography and landscapes Israel, Palestine

Geography and landscapes Israel, Palestine

Geography and landscapes of Israel

Middle East Crossroads, Israel 424 m).

Between seas and deserts, the climate and the landscapes are quite contrasted, due to landslides between the various tectonic plates and the meeting of the Mediterranean and desert climates. The topography is constantly changing.

Israel North, the fertile lands and vineyards of Galilee South, of the InAviv, Hai To the East, the Jordan Valley. It is hot there, even very hot in summer.

- This small country also counts  424 m) and its salinity level 212 m).

Geography and landscapes in Palestine

Palestine is made up of the West Bank, in the shape of a fè and the Gaza strip, a thin strip of land 45 km long and 8 km wide located west of Israel 424 m).


Drought, pollution, evaporation, diversion of rivers and overexploitation of resources are all major challenges.
Fauna and flora were victims of rapid demographic and economic development and Conflicts of the region.

To compensate for the high deforestation, the Israeli government is carrying out a reforestation policy which had the merit of quintupling the number of trees (especially pines). But a single species of tree can only impoverish the ecosystem and acidify the soil and water.
Same principles, same consequences in the Joudain valley where intensive agriculture accelerates desertification.

The permanence of the conflict also put a strain on nature and its resources: the creation of the wall and the establishment of settlements led to the massive uprooting of olive trees, a major economic resource for the Palestinians.

Water: the sinews of war?

In the Middle East, where available aquifers are limited, the battle for water crystallizes all the region's problems. No wonder Israel has made the control of water resources one of its strategic priorities. It suffices, moreover, to cross the Jordan Valley in summer to observe the disparity in access to water between Israelis and Palestinians.

Resources available in Israel

Israel has a stranglehold on Lake Tiberias which provides a third of the water consumed in the country but which is shrinking over the years due to a high evaporation rate. The Israeli state also has a coastal aquifer, the sources of the Golan, occupied since 1967, and shares that of the Jordan with Jordan. Israelis and Palestinians “divide” 2 main sources of water: underground (called “mountain aquifer”) and surface (mainly the Jordan).

Waste management in the West Bank

Waste (poor) management is a real problem in the West Bank and a real threat to the environment. The smallest wasteland in cities, even in archaeological sites (in Nablus in particular), collects all kinds of rubbish. If management can be questioned, individual behavior bears a great responsibility.
It is true that, in the current context, with the occupation of a large part of the territory by Israel, the establishment of a comprehensive sanitation and waste management network is not easy.

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