Geography and landscapes Brittany

Geography and landscapes Brittany

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Fist of the European continent stretched out towards the Atlantic, Brittany appears on the terrestrial globe as a peninsula, as large as Belgium (27 km²) and not very high: 208 m above sea level. Tuchen Gador, the summit of this mountain range which goes from Brest to Lamballe. Parallel to the south coast, the Black Mountains flatten themselves from Locronan to Malestroit. Between the 2, a succession of basins: Châteaulin, Loudéac, Rennes.

Le Armorican Massif is as old as the Vosges or the Ardennes. Shales make up two-thirds of its surface. Granite and gneiss, mica schist, quartzite form the rest of an earth's crust with very rounded shapes, but sometimes well marked. The small winding roads of the Argoat are the consequence. You are never more than 100 km from the sea, whose influence is felt everywhere.

The coast, battered by the tides, supports a tidal range of 10 to 12 m in the English Channel and 5 to 6 m in the Atlantic. The coastline has experienced sea level variations several times over the geological ages. The last Flandrian transgression (episode of sea level rise) drowned sites already occupied by man.
The estuaries of rivers, now invaded by the sea, penetrate far into the land. Caps and beaches alternate on a scalloped coast which gives the Breton coast all the charm.

Bretons and the sea

Oddly, in many coastal regions of Brittany, the natives were long strangers to the maritime world. Very few Breton islands devoted themselves to fishing. For many Bretons, the sea can only be a source of misfortune.

Also, when the demalo or the media, the symbol of a certain Breton identity, glorious and modest. All Britons feel concerned. And other Breton glories follow, caught up in the movement: the Kersauson, Poupon, Riguidel, Caradec, Morvan or Peyron populated the 1970s and 1980s with sweet dreams for little Bretons. Deckchairs, world tours, legendary records ...

The Bretons and the sea are also the walk fishing. Formerly one of the means of subsistence for poor populations, this activity has become a leisure activity for locals and tourists. But beware, this fishing requires experience.
The true fisherman takes sparingly what nature offers him and maintains his "garden" by letting the shells grow before fishing them, by replacing the turned rocks ...

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