French Polynesia identity card

French Polynesia identity card

- Location: collectivity mer franc Area: àle-Vent, the Tuamotu-Gambier, the Marquesas and the Austral Islands. The maritime territory is as vast as l & rsquo Population: 283 (000 estimate), of which nearly Capital city : Papeete, on l & rsquo Density Ethnicities: 66% of the inhabitants of Polynesia Religions: majority Languages: the franc Change : pacific franc (CFP franc).
- Remer (POM) with & rsquo President of the Assembly: Gaston Tong Sang (since May 2018).


Employment in French Polynesia is marked by the predominance of the commercial tertiary sector. However, the traditional Polynesian economy, based on fishing, copra and coconut oil, experienced a real revolution with the installation of thearmy (in 1962), then that of Pacific Experimentation Center in the archipelago (in 1966, closed in 1996). This high-sounding name hides the litany of the French nuclear tests of Moruroa and Fangataufa.

This new windfall tripled the GDP in one year 2004), the territory attracted subsidies, distributed according to the system of clientelism. The metropolis has enabled French Polynesia to benefit frommassive inflows of capital. The money collected made it possible to create general social security (1995) and to found an airline (Air Tahiti Nui).

In addition to the fishing industry and copra, the archipelago produces fruits, flowers, monoi and vanilla. Tahitian vanilla, reputed to be expensive, is in overproduction. Subsidies actually hinder economic development to a large extent. The pearl industry has also suffered from overproduction which has seen prices fall.

Le tertiary sector, driven by tourism, is the first contributor to the GDP of French Polynesia (around 85% of the GDP).

The rate of unemployment  is high (around 12%). The impact of the high incomes of the popa'a (Whites) in office has artificially raised the standard of living, and has really increased the cost of living.

The opinion of Paris, but the GDP remains one of the highest in the Pacific area.

The year 2018 was characterized by a upturn in consumption, a dynamic in the labor market and in the automotive sector, and a recovery in investments. In terms of foreign trade, exports contracted, while imports increased, widening the trade deficit.

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