Florida money and budget

Florida money and budget

Currency and exchange

See the money and the budget in the United States.

Budget in Florida

Florida is the United. It is the French Riviera for Americans. However, some items like gasoline are less expensive. It all depends a little on the euro rate, more or less favorable, against the dollar ... Anyway, do not expect cheap holidays!

Trefee (far from saying the tip.

Rental car, gasoline and parking lots

The car remains the most practical means of transport, and certainly the most profitable (even with 2 people) considering the time saved.

- Essence: instead $ 3,15 per gallon (3,8 l) of unleaded gasoline.

- parking: in the South, per $ 2) or $ 25).
There are also more expensive private car parks. Free sites are rare.
In most city ​​hotels, especially large establishments, parking costs around $ 30 per 24 hours (or $ 45 and more in Miami Beach).


In Florida, the high season s & rsquomars, during school holidays, is always more expensive than the week. And on holiday weekends, the rate can be multiplied by 2, 3 or even 4! Also pay attention to special cases: when large conferences / trade fairs take place in town, for example.
Even AJs and B & Bs have a supply and demand policy!

The low season is June and September-October. You will then often be able to use the discount coupons specialized magazines, distributed everywhere, or to find great promotions on websites. accommodation.

We indicate the rates for 2 people, from the lowest price in low season to the highest price in high season & ndashfee which can vary between $ 4-5 and up to end).

- Cheap Average prices: 60 to Chic: $ 120 to $ 200.

The small dice $ 15 to take it outside.

Parking is only included in motels.

The restaurents

You can eat inexpensively in the United States, but that inexpensive rarely rhymes with healthy food! 35% more ... If you eat in a place where you order at the counter, the tip is not compulsory.

-Cheap : less than $ 10 (mostly take-out snacks, sometimes a burger or a sandwich in the most modest diner).

- Average prices: $ 10-25.
- Chic: $ 25-40.


Plan a substantial budget if you schedule a few water activities (sea trips, diving, snorkeling ...) and especially if you are planning a stopover in the big orlando amusement parks, where the entrance ticket is around $ 100! Florida is the ideal destination for this type of recreation, but it adds up quickly!


In supermarkets, Visitor Centers or in the street, you will find free newspapers stuffed with pubs and discount coupons. Sometimes also interesting reductions on the amusement parks of Orlando by purchasing tickets on the official websites of the sites in question, or directly at the Visitor Center.

Taxes and tips

See the money and the budget in the United States.

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