Florida ID Card

Florida ID Card

- Nickname: The Sunshine State.
- Area: 151 670 km² Population: more than 21 million inhabitants in 2018 (330 million in all of the United States).
- United Density: 34).
- 2019 unemployment rate (similar to United at Capital : Tallahassee.
- Languages: english. Spanish is é Pre Governor of É UNESCO World Heritage Site: Everglades National Park (inscribed in 1979).


The sunshine associated with industry contributes only marginally to Florida's GDP.
Another effect induced by the sun, Development tourism as an engine of the economy.

Cradle of aviation

The aeronautics sector employs nearly 100 peopleMiami airport has today become a real hub. At the cutting edge of technology, Florida is now playing the card of the future, with the largest private university entirely focused on professions related to aeronautics.

More about the economy in Miami

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