Florida Food, Food & Drink

Florida Food, Food & Drink

Alongside the American classics, the sea and the marshes offer more or less unusual products, the most amazing of which is undoubtedly thealligator (farmed), to the taste between chicken and pork, but firmer.

Sea products

Among the myriad of fish, the best are the red snapper (snapper), the grouper (memahi (dolphinfish). The lionfish (which can be related to the scorpion fish), an invasive species, is prepared by some restaurateurs, as is the excellent hogfish ( labre captain). Formerly brought back by big game fishermen, wahoo (king mackerel), marlin and swordfish (swordfish) are found more rarely since they are systematically released by big game fishermen.

In any case, you will have trouble seeing the whole fish on the plate: Americans are fond of donuts, frying, breadcrumbs ... and fish are no exception. This is also true for alligator, chicken, shellfish, cheese ... The fish is also served in marinated and pan-fried fillet, and that's delicious, especially in salads.

Also to taste, conch (pronounced “conk”), a specialty of the Keys, are prepared as a chowder or chopped menu and acras style fries (fritters). The crab claws, they are served with melted butter or a mustard sauce (the stone crab season runs from October to May). Its flesh is most often accommodated in Crab Cakes, kinds of croquettes. There are also Oysters (oysters) with thick shells, more often cooked than raw.

Ethnic influences

Added to the variety of Florida products is the diversity of ethnic influences. Special mention for the cuban cuisine, usually inexpensive, with its grilled pork accompanied by fried plantains, rice and black beans.

One of the best dishes, not to be missed: ropa vieja, pulled beef with onions and peppers.

Another inexpensive must-have: the cuban sandwich, super popular in Miami, often served hot and garnished with ham, roast pork (sometimes also salami), cheese (melted, therefore) and pickles.
Finally, Mofongo, soul of Puerto Rican cuisine, is mashed plantains with fried pork rinds, pulled pork or seafood, it depends.

Street food

Un phenomenal success, exported to us. Born in Los Angeles following the economic crisis and very popular also in New York, the phenomenon of carts, as the little street food stalls that don't always shine that populate business districts are called, ended up in Florida.
Street food has become sophisticated and cohorts of food trucks (gourmet trucks) gleaming and colorful now offer their specialties on every street corner. Each truck has its own, but the majority offer Latin cuisine : Cuban-inspired burgers, Colombian sandwiches, Mexican tacos and burritos, but also Thai spring rolls, ice cream, cupcakes, fresh fruit juice ...

Be careful, street food n & rsquodogs or pretzels that you can find everywhere; there, we talk to you (sometimes) about quality food, local products.

Street food, a real art of living!

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