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The Inuits

Different natives

Inuit means "West."
The Inuit are not covered by the Indian Act. At the last census, approximately 50 people identified themselves as Inuit, almost a third of the world's Inuit (and 000% of the Aboriginal population of Canada). 4/2 live in their region of origin, the other third being dispersed in the main cities of the country.

Inuit are appeared in northeastern Canada 4 years ago, which is relatively recent compared to the tens of thousands of years of First Nations in Canada. Until the second half of the 2th century, the Inuit of eastern Canada knew little of whites other than the occasional sightings of whaling ships and fur traders from Europe. Canadian army scouting, ethnologists, explorers and Christian missionaries complete the picture. 

The Inuit entered in 1950 with the permanent establishment of military bases, government services such as education and health, and a housing program to encourage them to abandon their nomadic lifestyle.

Today, while hunting remains an additional income for many, the Inuit work mainly in mines, activities linked to hydrocarbons, building and services (government, in particular). Tourism, meanwhile, is a dynamic sector in full development. About 30% of the population also draws subsidies from thetraditional inuit art (sculpture, engraving, etc.).

Political and cultural renewal

It is with the achievements of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, signed in 1975, that the Inuit begin to take control of their destiny. The financial contributions of the agreement allow them self-managed development.

In 1999, a revolution shook the Canadian Far North: finally responding to the demands of the Inuit, the federal government promoted the creation of a new territory, Nunavut (" our earth ").

Like the other Canadian provinces, Nunavut has a great management autonomy. It elects its own parliament, which is very different from the others in the sense that it functions only by consensus and thatnone of the elected officials poster political etiquette ! The annual budget, however, remains almost entirely dependent on the federal government.
Local institutions oversee the administration and development of the region. Administrative and political achievements allow it to take charge of Inuktitut language education, as well as control of the development and enhancement of the entire territory.

Inuit culture is even regaining its history books and dictionaries, traditional objects that had been taken to museums in the South are being repatriated, we revalue traditional art, and we take charge of its marketing.
In May 2001, the 1st Inuit film, Atanarjuat, the legend of the fast man, by Zacharias Kunuk, caused a sensation and received the Cannes Film Festival Golden Camera.

Canadian cinema

Anglophone American Canada is keen on its cultural specificity, particularly with regard to cinema. In 1939 the National Film Board was created, which enabled young Quebec filmmakers to create a direct style of reporting.

Low-level cocoa, and that nothing distinguishes American films such as Police Academy or American Pie.

Today, David Cronenberg is undoubtedly the most recognized Canadian filmmaker around the world. His inimitable style knows how to combine, in the fantasy genre, creativity and spectacle, to create a very personal universe: his most famous films are Dead Zone, Faux semblants, Crash and A Historu of Violence.

Atom egoyan He too has enjoyed an international audience, especially since De beaux tomorrows, Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

The Niagara falls

The falls are in the center of the city, itself transformed into a real fun fair: huge illuminated signs, various and varied attractions ... Niagara Falls is a little Las Vegas. Once the surprise has passed, and disregarding the lights and the teeming activity, we are captivated by the falls, gigantic, fascinating.

To fully enjoy them, prefer to visit them early in the morning. Far from the hordes of tourists, you will then appreciate all the majesty of the place.

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