Climate, seasons and weather United Arab Emirates

Climate, seasons and weather United Arab Emirates

The weather is hot, even scorching, and sunny. Statistics show an average of only 13 rainy days per year in Abu Dhabi for a total of 126 mm of precipitation (585 mm in Paris). These light rains fall in winter, between November and April. The rare rains are heavy, especially in the eastern mountains.


Co-day. This heat is all the more painful as the humidity, due to the evaporation of the waters of the Gulf, reaches 90 to 95% on certain days. Stifling is a weak word.

Emirati (and many expatriates) no longer go out: they hide in the shade of the air conditioning and wait for it to pass. Even the restaurant terraces are closing.

A burning wind, the shammal, can blow: it is then the sandstorm, which makes traffic almost impossible.


The mercury remains mild, with a daily average of 25-26 ° C in January. On the other hand, the nights are (very) cool in the desert. Regularly, strong sand winds veil the sky for days.

When to go to the United Arab Emirates?

The best period is between November and the end of April : the temperatures are then pleasant and the nights are cool, sometimes even a little cold.

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