Climate, seasons and weather Quebec

Climate, seasons and weather Quebec

- He can do truce.

- The following indications apply to the southern part of the country. In May and September, pleasant days 20 ° Aug 27 ° C). In town, the air conditioners are running at full speed (but hey, it also rains on average 8 days a month ...).

En October, it drops dry (less than 12 ° C).

En November, cold and onset of frost.

En from 40 ° C, at worst!), with superb sunny days. It is the season for skiing, snowmobiling or snowshoeing, even as global warming threatens the freezing of lakes and rivers. South of Quebec, the presence of snow is no longer, as before, automatic.

En March and April, it is the warmth of so many terraces. It is also the period when the family goes to the sugar shacks for maple taffy.

Quebec winter

Some Quebecers will tell you that their dream is to become rich enough to spend the winter in Florida! Their leitmotif: avoid those months when trees disguise themselves as extravagant crystal chandeliers, even in the heart of Montreal. Nearly 1 million snowbirds left the country at this period, for a few weeks or for the whole winter, going “to the South, in the sun, to bathe in the sea” (Charlebois).

Today, in a world of central heating, down jackets and thermal insulation, the Quebec winter remains a challenge, but it has long been tamed by the inhabitants.

Indian summer

Autumn is punctuated in America. After the first chills, there is normally a heat wave that lasts a good week.

The vegetation suspends its march towards destitution and offers colors, nuances unique and specific to the New World.

Eastern Canada can be visited in October depending on the latitude.
The Amerindians of old took advantage of this period of warm weather to go deep into the woods and build up reserves.

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