Climate, seasons and weather Abu Dhabi

Climate, seasons and weather Abu Dhabi

Nice weather and heat are the watchwords. The statistics are moreover clear: the sun shines on average 9 ½ hours per day (more than double that of Paris), for a median temperature of 27,4 ° C over the year.

The disparities in August, with peaks around 50 ° C! As long as the ambient humidity is high - and it is often due to the intense evaporation of the waters of the Gulf - the air becomes unbreathable and no one then ventures outside the air-conditioned areas… Winds of sand also rise regularly at this time.

When to go to Abu Dhabi?

L & rsquo26 ° 15 ° C) - as always in the desert, the amplitude is important. The rains, concentrated over ten days between December and March, are rare but quite intense, especially in the mountains to the east. The period also sees episodic fog.

The sea temperature varies between 21 ° C at the coldest (February) and… 34 ° C at the hottest (August)… a real bath!

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