Activities, visits and leisure Milan

Activities, visits and leisure Milan

On the trail of Leonardo da Vinci

In 1483, Lé1519) left Florence for Milan and offered Duke Ludovic Sforza (known as the More) his skills as a military engineer, architect, painter, sculptor and party organizer. For 18 years, this unusual Milanese citizen left his mark on the city with his genius; we invite you to discover it, on the occasion of a "leonardesque" walk: have a good day!

  • Departure piazza della Scala, where the statue of Leonardo stands up to the famous opera, to better remind us that he was also an exceptional musician.
  • Let us leave here the Maestro lost in his thoughts to gain the pinacoteca Ambrosiana which contains his Portrait of a musician, a fascinating painting, as well as his notebooks gathered in the Codex Atlantico kept in the in situ library.
  • Then, at no charge, we win the castello Sforzesco which was Quoil's laboratory, the similar system) of his Codex Trivulzio, jealously kept in the castle library,
  • then we resume our way towards the chiesa Santa Maria delle Grazie. It is in the refectory of the former monks' convent that Leonardo painted his illustrious Last Supper ... to be admired in detail!
  • Then we join the Museo d'Arte e Scienza, where 2 permanent exhibitions are dedicated to him: “Leonardo citizen of Milan” and “Treatise on painting”.
  • Finally, we end with the museo nazionale Scienza e Tecnica Leonardo Da Vinci, where an entire gallery is devoted to his inventions, some of which give wings!
  • Also, light as air, we will finally go to the Navigli docks, the ultimate survivors of the network of canals designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

Liberty style in Milan

The Liberty is l & rsquoUnis, l & rsquosaxonne Arts & Crafts (1860) advocating a return of art to the origins of craftsmanship, with Art Nouveau it is the same recipe: various materials (wood, steel, ceramic, glass or ironwork), a modern aesthetic based on minerals and plants, where the curve is of fundamental importance.

In France, Art Nouveau takes on the features of the architect Hector Guimard, who in 1900 produced the famous mouths of the Paris metro. It is also found in the east of France, with the School of Nancy and its precursor artists (Émile Gallé, Louis Majorelle and the Daum brothers).

Return to our transalpine friends. Liberty, a style too often overlooked, knows a great success in the cities of northern Italy, starting with Piedmont and Lombardy, more receptive to European culture than the other regions: in Turin first, then in Milan.

The Liberty style not lacking in chic and refinement, hardly surprising to find it in Milan, the Italian “capital” of fashion. At the dawn of the XNUMXth century, the wealthy Milanese owners had elegant and refined palazzi made to measure, in this singular style then very much in vogue.

Make way for the inventiveness of the Belle Époque, here is the era of modern aesthetics. On the facades, decorative profusion and abundance of detail! All at the service of the animal world (birds, insects) and plants (trees, flowers).

To realize it, nothing better than a small architectural stroll near the porta Venezia.

Guided tours of Milan in French

Calling on a guide can be a practical, original and ultimately economical solution. It has certainly happened to you to want to deepen the visit of a museum, a district, and to have a guide just for you with a presentation of Milan seen from another angle, both unusual and informative ...

- Guided tours in French:

Samantha Maggi and Margherita Pignatel, members of an association of women guides, offer, in Milan and Lombardy - and in impeccable French - particularly documented à la carte tours filled with anecdotes. Program to be defined with them according to the time available and your areas of interest.
A good plan, especially for families or groups of friends (count € 140 for up to 5 people for 3 hours; entrance fees to sites and museums not included). Book your visits as soon as possible, especially on sunny days.

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