Activities, sports and leisure Montenegro

Activities, sports and leisure Montenegro

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The quarter of the coastline is underlined by beaches (73 km on 293 km of coastline). Very official number of 117, they draw pretty sand crescents between rocky capes watched over by pines, or pebble coves heated by the sun. Many mix the two, making diving sandals or slippers very useful to avoid hurting your feet.

La bay of kotor is downright mineral: here, no soft arena, but pontoons, most often private, which allow you to soak your toes. In July and August, you will rarely be alone, but some quiet corners are still within the reach of those who do not appreciate swimsuits ...

- beaches the most popular are fairly well at 21 ° 28 ° marine (15 to 50 m), which will delight diving enthusiasts.

The limestone cliffs are pierced with numerous sea ​​caves to explore, the seagrass beds are teeming with life and the wrecks, including that of King Nikola's yacht, are collected with a shovel (we're just exaggerating a little).

Everything skiing, sailing, sea fishing, banana boat, parasailing and the like.

Mountain side

A vast playground: this is how one could describe the heart of Montenegro. Forests, mountain pastures, alpine peaks, canyons, tumultuous torrents and serene lakes offer many possibilities for randonnée and discovery in a region of great beauty, ignored by the vast majority of Europeans.
Montenegro relies heavily on the development of mountain tourism infrastructure and the training of guides.

National parks

The country has both the Durmitor massif, the fantastic Tara canyon and 18 splendid glacial lakes. We still come across (with great luck anyway) wolves, bears, lynxes and otters.

The other parks are those of Biogradska Gora, which preserves one of the last three sections of primary forest in Europe encircling a magnificent lake, those of Lovcen, symbolic mountain, and skadar lake, refuge of a very rich avifauna (more than 270 listed species).

After the future classification in the national park of Prokletije park, on the border with Albania, Montenegro will see nearly 20% of its territory protected. Its fauna and flora account for more than half of Montenegrin species, and the park is also famous for traditional dwellings.


A hiking paradise we simply start from below.

Don't miss the easy walk to Crno jezero ("Black Lake") and, in the Biogradska Gora park, the one that leads to the lake.
Those who want to compete against local trails and peaks will do well to obtain the Mountains of Montenegro guide (Cicerone Guide, in English) on site.

Climbing and caving

The more daring will study the multiple options in terms of climbing and caving. Ways for free climbers have been made in many places. The more daring (we didn't say crazy) head for the Komarnica canyon and, more precisely, the section called Nevidio ("invisible"). The gorges, wide in places only 25 cm (!), Were not explored until 1965.


A classic among the classics, rafting on the Mileage allows you to enter the heart of the canyon, otherwise inaccessible.

Competition is fierce between the agencies and you can choose between one, two or three day trips for reasonable prices. The long version allows you to cover the entire canyon, which stretches over 2 km. The shortest, which only lasts about 3 hours, is done on one of the most spectacular sections. Cliffs reaching 78 m high, waterfalls galore, rapids not too bad, we could not recommend the excursion too much.


La Mileage is also suitable for canyoning, a sport in vogue as far as Montenegro. Another option, more classic: the raft descent. Some operators also offer rafting on the river Moraca.

Skiing and snowboarding

In good years, from November to May, we ski on the slopes of Durmitor, Bjelasica and Sinjajevina. The tradition does not date from yesterday: the first to venture into the area was a Norwegian, in 1893! You can set up and rent equipment in Zabljak (Durmitor) on one side, Kolasin (Biogradska Gora) on the other. A good opportunity to put on your skis without queuing… but don't expect resorts with 200 km of slopes and ultramodern lifts.

Snow-boarding and cross-country skiing are also on the program. Those who enjoy it can even ski in the summer at Durmitor (Debeli namet), but hey, we must admit, it's not worth the glaciers of Zermatt ...


A word more on paragliding, practiced above Kotor, Dizdarica behind Herceg Novi and Mount Lovcen, with a beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor at the end of the road. Paragliding has also recently made its appearance in Zabljak, at the foot of Durmitor.

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