Activities, sports and leisure Cyprus

Activities, sports and leisure Cyprus


Cyprus has 250 km of accessible coastline and many beaches where you can practice several water sports in all seasons. The marked trails of the Troodos massif and the Akamas peninsula allow you to admire unspoiled landscapes as well as endemic flora and fauna during hikes. Fishing, sailing, horseback riding, mountain biking, golf courses, and even skiing in the Troodos in winter, the island has no shortage of assets!


It is forbidden to use dangerous waters in the recommended areas. Watercraft is prohibited in areas reserved for swimmers, delimited by red buoys. It is strictly forbidden to bring up antiques and sponges from the bottom of the sea.

There are Sub-Aqua clubs and organized diving centers in all towns and resorts, as well as in some hotels. In addition to these clubs and centers, there are many specialist shops selling or renting diving equipment to anyone with a diving certificate.

Pre-marine information).

Nautical sports

A whole range of water sports (canoeing, windsurfing, jet skis, water skiing, parasailing ...) can be practiced in Cyprus at the following locations:

  • public beaches: in Geroskipou, 3 km east of the port of Pafos; Dasoudi beach in Lemesos and Larnaka beach;
  • sports centers adjoining residents;
  • water sports centers gewest of the town of Pafos; Polis (Lakki / Latsi) 37 km north of the town of Pafos; on the coasts of Lemesos, Larnaka, Pafos, Agia Napa and Paralimni (Protaras).

Important: all the beaches have an area at sea shore, for sea scooters and any other floating craft.

Cycling and mountain biking

Cyprus is an idécross destination. Its terrain offers many possibilities for cycling races in rough terrain on different tracks.

There are bicycle rental agencies in all towns and resorts. Traffic regulations generally correspond to European regulations, but you should not forget that in Cyprus you drive on the left. Traffic signs on the roads follow the international code.

It is recommended, especially in summer, when traffic is particularly heavy.

The Cycling Club (Podilatokinisis), a club of the Cyprus Cycling Federation, organizes various cycling activities other than races, which are open to everyone.


Hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty crisscross the country, the most extensive network of which is found in the lovely Troodos Mountains. Some of them are within walking distance of the monasteries. In all, more than 48 well-marked paths or trails cover a total distance of around 200 km.

Combine hiking with a stay in country lodges and you will be overwhelmed by the experience of living Cyprus from the inside out.

  • Four trails in the Troodos (3 days) : the Troodos mountain region has four distinct marked hiking trails.
  • Paphos region (2 days): the region of Paphos also offers many hiking trails, especially in the forest, with its natural reserves of pines and golden oaks.
  • Akamas Peninsula (1 day): Always keeping your foothold in Paphos, explore the Akamas Peninsula, a rugged, thumb-shaped strip of land crisscrossed with rocky trails. Hikers taking the Aphrodite Trail can take in spectacular views of rock formations, limestone outcrops, cliffs, and sculpted boulders. Several tour operators organize 4x4 excursions; the majority are from the Paphos region.


Above sea level), from early January to late March. Mount Olympus is only 3 km from the mountain station of Troodos, 12 km from the mountain station of Platres, and about an hour's drive from the coastal town of Lemesos and the capital of the Isle.

The Cyprus Ski Club owns.

For more information, contact the Cyprus Tourist Office, or contact the Cyprus Ski Federation & Club.


Cyprus offers a wide choice of entertainment for anyone who enjoys the nightlife, whatever their tastes.

The classic exit is the restaurant or tavern typical with its bouzouki players (sometimes dancers); there are countless of them in towns and villages. Cypriot music has more oriental influences than Greek folk music, while using the same instruments.

Those who like nightclub you will find all kinds in all cities, in Nicosia, Larnaka, Paphos, but especially in Limassol and Ayia Napa, the fashionable place. Ayia Napa is now known the world over as the must-see destination for clubbing enthusiasts, renowned for British House Garage music, rising stars in the DJ world, and wild vibes.

The party usually starts around midnight, but some clubs also serve as a restaurant or café, so you can go much earlier.

C & rsquoski, the maritime excursions to the ghost town discotheques which operate between 22:30 pm and 1:30 am, bars, pubs and discotheques.

In Kato Paphos, the entertainment center is located in the tourist area in Poseidonos, Agiou Antoniou and Dionisiou streets with restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs and other "charming" places, known as "cabarets". Ditto in Limassol and Nicosia. Near Larnaka, there is a track of karting.

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