Activities and outings Nantes

Activities and outings Nantes


Balzacian prefecture. In the cultural domain, the city has only local visibility.

The provincial town turns to Luc Courcoult, roasts Joan of Arc on a spit at the foot of the cathedral. Later, she will bathe Cleopatra in a basin filled with hundreds of bricks of milk!

Cultural life in Nantes

A few months later, Jean Blaise, director of the Center for research into trouble, with each year a city invited.

In the same spirit, the two editions of Traffic, who invested for the occasion and for the first time the old LU factory, and the three editions of End of the century, were the worthy heirs of the Allumées, transforming the LU wasteland a little more into an art and testing laboratory. As for the course A journey to Nantes, inaugurated during the summer of 2012 by the event of the same name, it now marks a new turn in the cultural life of Nantes.

After having received the deposits of thousands of motley objects, the Attic of the century was sealed, along the wall of the old LU factory, on December 31, 1999 at midnight for ... 100 years. The event marked the official opening of the Lieu Unique (new anagram of LU ...), national scene of Nantes, giving a new assignment to the old factory now open to all forms of art. The vast places of agrifood production will henceforth be called the courtyard or the large workshop, and become places of ... contemporary production. The minimalist intervention of the architect Patrick Bouchain also made it possible to install a café, a restaurant, a bookstore, a shop and even a ... hammam. The bourgeoisie panics ... but it works.

For those who think that contemporary art is reserved for sores, in Nantes, plurality is essential. Created in 1995 by René Martin, the Crazy day (in fact over 5 days through the Pays de la Loire) is experiencing exponential success. This classical music festival offers some 300 concerts in each edition for an immersion in a specific period in the history of music or around a composer. And the festival is even exported abroad. Same success for the Spanish film festival, a benchmark of its kind.

Le castle of the dukes of Brittany has also been completely revisited as a cultural and heritage beacon in the heart of old Nantes. Since 2007, the great Nantes History Museum, remarkable, can be discovered behind its loggias and its curved arches.

The annéville, west of the island of Nantes. The crowd "on board" the Elephant. In July 2012, the gigantic Sea Worlds Carousel took place next to the old boat launches.

Cultural life in the Nantes region

This cultural effervescence goes far beyond the border of the simple municipality. The reputation of the Hellfest metal music festival ("gates of hell" ...) in Clisson, a peaceful medieval city with Italian scents, south of Nantes, continues to grow.

CréLouis Jossic, from céArts is getting a makeover.

CréSaint-Nazaire. The ememes.


Impossible to describe Nantes without mentioning the Canaries, name given to the footballers of FC Nantes from the creation of the club in 1943, in the midst of the war, in the back of a café on the Place de la Bourse. The “green and yellow” (hope and victory) enjoyed their period of glory, especially between 1963 and 1983.

Two decades where the city lived to the rhythm of Marcel Saupin's stadiums, then of Beaujoire, where it could boast of having brought something to French football by inventing the game “à la Nantes”: based on the collective, this game fast is characterized by a single touch of the ball, pinball style. And the opposing defense to see only fire.

Let's move the trunk of memories in 1989) and Marcel Dessailly (1976-1992). Eight times champion of France and winner of three cups, FC Nantes has been around for some time in Ligue 2. More than enough to paw ...

Have a drink in the evening

Nantes is a student City, so we go out late. Most of the night bars and pubs can be found in the Bouffay district, the old pedestrian center, in the Graslin district, but also at the Hangar à Bananes on the Ile de Nantes.

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