Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Dublin

Where to sleep, hotels and accommodation Dublin

Where to sleep in Dublin?

Unless you live in AJ or have large means, the best solution is to choose accommodation in residential areas like Glasnevin or Ballsbridge. Quiet and green, they are also less off-center than they appear.

If you want to be in the center, you have to choose between the south shore and the north shore, the Liffey cutting the city in 2.

Note: in most establishments, we take advantage of the slightest event, such as Bloom's Day, St. Patrick's Day or international rugby matches to post a clear increase.

Another option is the rental of apartments, offered for example by Dublin City Apartments.

Youth hostels

It is very difficult to navigate the prices of the AJ: those communicated by the hostels are hardly more thanindicative and they vary wildly depending on dorm capacity, season, day of the week, "events" (a national rugby team home match weekend in the Six Nations Tournament , it will be more expensive).

Take a good look at the AJ websites and don't forget that there are often discounts for online reservations: rates have never been so flexible.

The Bed & Breakfast (B & B)

As for the AJ, hotel prices vary enormously (weekdays, weekends, during special events ...) to the point that it has become almost impossible for many of them to give a price range! Moreover, the establishments do not have a price list but make their price offer at the time of the request. The advantage is that there are regular internet promotions. This does not prevent Dublin, due to attendance, has become an overpriced city ...

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