What to do Aquitaine - Bordelais, Landes

What to do Aquitaine - Bordelais, Landes


Sports enthusiasts do not find that West offers an ideal setting, between sea and mountains.

- The Landes coast is rich in ponds, some of which are fitted out as nautical bases. When the sea gets wild, board sports fans climb on their boards. surf. Lacanau and Hossegor host World Cup events every year.

- With a more national impact, the rugby, the only sport in Dame-du-Rugby, near Grenade-sur-l'Adour, in the Landes.

- The Beach football remains confined to Bordeaux (and also to Libourne) where the Girondins, despite a few slack years and an accordion management, are still clinging to 1st places in the national championship.

- From the Landes to Pyrévous, among others, to de-Marsan, famous plazas de toros.

- In the Landes, almost every village has its own pediment where you can play Basque pelota !

Cycle tourism and cycling routes

The Vélodyssée, the Atlantic coast

From Roscoff to Hendaye, along the Atlantic coast, the Vélodyssée is the longest cycle route in France. It unwinds its vast perspectives and its charming meanders over more than 1 km, the majority of which are greenways. This long cycle path takes root in the lush vegetation of Finistère, follows the pleasant banks of the Nantes-Brest canal, then merges with the Atlantic coast, its beaches as far as the eye can see and its picturesque seaside resorts before arriving in the Basque Country. .

A way ecological to cross France from north to south, in gentle roaming. The Vélodyssée is characterized by the diversity of environments crossed : salt water from the Atlantic and fresh water from Aquitaine lakes, Breton deciduous forests and Landes pine forests, salt marshes and oyster beds, sandy beaches and wetlands where birds come to nest ... Each stage is an opportunity new discoveries.

The Canal des 2 mers by bike

700 km from Quodeux-Mers, in de-Guyenne, follows the Garonne canal as far as the Garonne.

A course marked out bylocks to discover en route and accessible to all. On the website, maps, details of the different sections and accommodations labeled "Cycling welcome" allow you to build your route.

The Scandibérique

A new routeJacques-de-Compostelle crossing the Landes from east to west.

All along these routes, accommodation providers, bicycle rental companies and tourist offices belonging to the Accueil Vélo® brand are available to provide you with their services and advice near your route.

The Gironde by bike

Not less than 700 km of cycle paths et 2 marked hiking trails open to mountain bikes. The trails are very well maintained, signposted and generally flat ... ideal for effortless cycling!

If, however, you are preLapédeux-Mers vallonnéde-Guyenne.

What to do in the Landes? Parties and sports

La Landes race is mentioned 1840. C & rsquode-Marsan, or the festivals of Dax around August 15th.

In the arenas, we talk bullfighting, but on the field, it is through rugby scrums that we express ourselves. The list of big names in the oval is long: Thomas Castaignède, the Boniface brothers, the Lacroixes, Olivier Roumat, Pierre Albaladejo, Titou Lamaison ... all come from the Landes.

On the beach side, along the Silver Coast, it is the kingdom of surf. Hossegor can be considered the French capital of the discipline: the French Surfing Federation has its headquarters there, like the biggest international surfwear brands.
And the others to board and snow sports, not to be outdone: skateboard (not a resort on the coast without its skatepark), kitesurf (surfboard pulled by a sail) ....

Here it is at bike discover the dunes and other pine forests, over 200 km. The Vélodyssée, the longest cycle route in France, links Biscarrosse to Tarnos in the Landes for 163 km. The all-new Scandibérique also passes by here.

For hikers, the 4 lanes leading to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle cross the Déles-Bains in particular. Cities that today nonetheless cultivate a certain art of gastronomy.

Activity and Garonne

Boat, on one of the most beautiful navigable networks in France, the visitor benefits from more than 200 km of waterways developed along the Lot (72 km for 5 locks), the Baïse (45 km for 16 locks) and the canal side of the Garonne (87 km for 16 locks). Rental companies are still numerous and offer pleasant discovery packages from 1 day to a week. The bases of Agen, Buzet and Mas d'Agenais are among the most important.

These Croisièet-Garonne from east to west on an 87 km track, along the canal. Many marked circuits have been set up on the slightly hilly departmental roads (just enough!), As well as a cycle route, the Lot Valley by bike connecting Fumel to Aiguillon or Villeton (junction with the Canal des 2 mers by bike route), flat and quiet route of 86 km.

Lovers of hiking West.

Finally, in this agricultural country, nature is declined even in the gardens : water lily garden (where Monet was already getting supplies for Giverny), botanical trails, medieval garden ...

Caves and chasms in Périgord

The Dordogne has hundreds of cavitéBlanche, Périgueux, Les Eyzies and Sarlat. In passing, the waters become charged with calcite which they deposit according to the geology, creating some wonderful scenery.

A mineral magic

The tangible heritage of Périgord is rich, but access to most sites remains reserved for speleologists. Fans of underground exploration can, however, admire the work of nature in 4 caves and a chasm designed for the visit:

Legacy of the past

Promised land of pre-works bequeathed in the heart of stone by our distant ancestors. With the Charente, the Garonne, the northern facade and Asturias, the Dordogne thus holds 85% of European parietal heritage.
This concentration comes from the geographical remoteness of the cold and glacial zones. An ancestral art has developed in Périgord, and which here presents the unique characteristic of sweeping the entire chronological palette of the Upper Paleolithic, from the Aurignacian to the Upper Magdalenian.

White and its large fresco of sculpted horses by Gaume, with Eyzies, préCirq, those of Bara-Bahau, Bernifal and Villars are private sites and managed as such.
On the other hand, uncovered in 2000, the Cussac cave near the Bush will probably never be open to ordinary people, for atmospheric reasons and in order to preserve its environment.

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