Traditions and customs Germany

Traditions and customs Germany


The fundamental law guarantees full freedom of confession and the free exercise of worship. In theory, each German belongs to a Church, and must pay a tax (Kirchensteuer) to the State, which redistributes it to the chosen cult. This tax is still equivalent to 8% of income tax. In the event of default of payment, the Catholic hierarchy refuses to give the sacraments. We have nothing without nothing.

To escape this tax, many Germans declare themselves atheists! What is more, following the cases of pedophilia which marred the Catholic hierarchy, several thousand faithful have turned their backs on the Church.

Unlike Idémillion in 1936 ...).

Know-how and customs

Although there are no fundamental differences between the customs of our neighbors and ours, it should be noted that the Germans are of a rather disciplined nature. Some of the Latin attitudes of the French, if they are not curbed, can amuse them or sometimes offend them. So, let's act like civilized people ...

- Avoid broaching the subject of the Third Reich with a stranger or too recent acquaintance. The Germans (even young) remain very sensitive on this point. Use tact and diplomacy!

- Evous, the Germans are very Swiss punctual!

- Do not rush on the first hand (without crushing it, preferably). In Germany, you only kiss people you know well ... and appreciate.

- Contrary to popular belief, Germans are not lacking in humor. On the other hand, if there is one thing they certainly lack, it is detachment from life; because their thirst for the absolute prevents them from joking about serious events.

- You only cross the street when the pedestrian light is green, even when there is no car in sight. You will be told that breaking this rule is a very bad example for children who watch you and could attract remarks from mothers, or worse, from the police. It could even cost you a fine.

- L & rsquorouge-yellow). The traditional outfit consists of a white jersey, black shorts and white socks. In fact, these are the colors of the Prussian flag. On the shirt patch, we also find the crowned eagle clutching the scepter and the globe in its paws.

- When they have a child, German women are under strong social pressure to give up their job and take care of the baby. Example of reflection: “Do you have a child? And where is the baby during the day? To the nursery ? Do you think it's good for him? Really ? A baby's place is at home, right? "

- FKK, the FreiköAllemagne de l & rsquoStrand ”, which means you will be looked at disapprovingly if you keep your clothes on this stretch of beach.

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