Themed itineraries Périgord - Dordogne

Themed itineraries Périgord - Dordogne

Caves and chasms

The Vézère valley is full of prehistoric sites, which will fascinate budding archaeologists, young and old.

  • Take as a starting point Montignac and the reproductions of the essential Lascaux.
  • Beside, the Regourdou is one of the first burials of humanity
  • and the visit of Thot is essential to learn more about prehistoric artistic techniques.
  • Descending the VéChristophe, a Neanderthal site inhabited until 1588, neither the troglodyte village of La Madeleine, also prehistoric and medieval.
  • Take a detour through the caves de Rouffignac known as "the cave of the Hundred Mammoths".
  • DeParc that it happens.
  • In Les Eyzies, we visit the prehistory museum andshelter Pataud where excavations continue, before shining around the village to discover a string of caves and shelters:
    • la Grand-Roc cave all in stalactites and stalagmites,
    • la Font-de-Gaume cave, a rare site where one can still observe authentic polychrome frescoes,
    • la Combarelles cave and its 600 engravings representing the Magdalenian fauna,
    • theCap Blanc shelter and its 13 m long sculpted frieze.
  • In Le Bugue, stop at Bahau, before taking the basket down to the Proumeyssac chasm : sensational.

Parks, gardens and outdoor activities

Périgord is a family destination par excellence, and in the great outdoors!

  • Le réLimousin park is ideal for hiking along the GR 36.
  • We can take out our binoculars to watch the birds on l & rsquosur-l'Isle.
  • Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the 86 km of the cycle route which runs along the Isle de Pizou valley to Périgueux.
  • AprèMartial-d'Artenset.
  • - gardens of the manor of Eyrignac, where nature is tamed, will bring you calm and freshness!
  • But don't forget to schedule the essential descent of the Vézère by canoe or the ride in barge on the Dordogne.
  • For the older ones in need of chills, a single objective: the via ferrata of the Marqueyssac gardens.
  • And to end this sevous one microlight flight from Sarlat or in gageac hot-air balloon to fly over the rivers, castles and hills of the Périgord Noir.


In the XNUMXth century, Périgord was divided between France and the English possessions. Along this border zone, bastides and castles are built to establish the domination of each other. To stand out, everything is a matter of towers, dungeon, window height and viewpoint.
On the border between the land of Bergerac and the Périgord Noir, lies the region of the bastides, these fortified towns.

  • Issigeac and its medieval streets
  • Monpazier, an English time, is the most beautiful with its narrow streets at right angles.
  • A stone's throw away, all types of architecture coexist in the castle of Biron, a regular on filming.
  • Àdu-PéRenaissance.

Whether along the Vézère or the Dordogne, some beautiful castles are in the water.

  • Going up the Dordogne, the cMilandes castle, a XNUMXth-century pleasure house, once belonged to Josephine Baker.
  • In another style, the deOuest,
  • watch the Beynac fortress.
  • MêModane.
  • On the valley when the sun goes down Commarque castle, romantic at will.
  • Overlooking the river, the Losse castle And the one of Beef which hosts the Museum of Prehistory: two blows with one flint!
  • Next to Périgueux, the Bories castles and Puyferrat worth a visit.

Going north, 2 castles stop us in the Périgord vert:

  • Le Puyguilhem castle who already has a little something of his colleagues from the Loire
  • and, finally, the imposing Jumilhac castle, all in originality.

Gastronomy and local products

For many and for us too, Périgord rhymes with gourmet and you will quickly notice that each village has its market where you can find good local products.

Winter, make way for markets with fat, truffles and nuts, like a Riberac.

  • Absolute reference in Périgord gastronomy, foie gras has its home in Thiviers but do not hesitate to stroll from farm to farm to meet the breeders, discover the manufacturing process and bring back the best foie gras.
  • La scams, another well-known gem of the region, also has its markets and even its ecomuseum in Sorges.
  • For the curious, it is possible to visit the Péchalifour truffle.

Oil, cakes, wines, liqueurs, the Dordogne is the leading producer of nuts and Sarlat its capital.

  • You will find a ela-chapel
  • and House of châdu-Périgord.
  • To finish with the fruits, Périgord strawberry grows in the ground between Sarlat, Bergerac and Ribérac.
  • Côde-vie, fruit liqueurs, walnut wines without forgetting the local pastis.
  • But for the wine, it's in Bergerac country that it happens, on the side of Monbazillac especially. And let's face it, the château offers free tastings.

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