Santorini history

Santorini history

Santorini, a story ... volcanic

Santorini offers one of the most striking natural spectacles in the Mediterranean. Only island in the Cyclades (with Milos, less spectacular) volcanic origin, it is unlike any other. Its geology bears witness to one of the most violent eruptions of the last 10 years.

We found it above sea level! The tsunami engendered would have decimated the merchant and war fleets of the Minoan Empire, as well as a good part of the Cretan coastal cities.

When calm returned, Santorini, previously almost round, was no more than a crescent moon, enclosing a boiler flooded with 83 km², one of the largest in the world.

Santorini still experiences regular tremors, more or less serious. On July 9, 1956, an earthquake left 48 dead and 200 injured. The island was then depopulated. Then the advent of tourism reversed everything.

And today, the last geological stratum takes on the appearance of a layer of concrete, made up of a string of shops and hotels ... overcrowding threat, water is scarce and, in season, the prices of rooms and restaurants on the cliff side are beyond measure.

The story is only a perpetual restarting, we watch with concern the bowels of the monster, in fear of a fanfare awakening: between January 2011 and spring 2012, 10 million cubic meters of magma came out. add in the magma chamber, and the island rose a few centimeters, which makes fear a rash medium term...
Since then, volcanic activity has stopped and everything seems to be back to normal.

Oia, from commerce to mass tourism

His cave dwellings, Its white mills and above the boiler, have come to symbolize all of Greece. During the second half of the 2th century, Oia was a prosperous village. No less than 130 ships traded there with Russia, the Levant and Alexandria, exchanging wine from the island for wood and grain. At the bottom of the cliff there was a shipyard. The sailors lived in the troglodyte houses and the officers and captains in the beautiful two-storey houses erected at the top of the cliff.

Despite its appeal, Oia has long been able to retain its charm and escape the mass tourism. This is no longer the case. The main street now aligns luxury boutiques and jewelers, and the least of the houses with a view has become a restaurant or hotel. Prices are soaring there, especially in the suites with private jacuzzi overlooking the sunken crater! This even when Oia has to desalinate seawater to drink ...
The village has made a specialty of weddings and honeymoons, attracting young American, English and especially Asian couples.
Another must: the sunset, spectators lined up in a row of onions ... The real charm of this village remains, which offers a striking view of the bay and its volcano.

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