Samoa identity card

Samoa identity card

- Area  Population  Religion : 57,4% Protestants, 19,4% Catholics, 15,2% Mormons, 7,2% other Christians Density Capital  Languages  RéZé President : Tuimaleali'ifano Va'aletoa Sualauvi II (since July 2017).

- Institutions and politics : Parliament (Fono), renewed and uninterrupted since 1982. All the other parties are independents, in fact rallied to the HRPP.


The country lives mainly on its agriculture. While two-thirds of the islanders grow crops, or PéZélande is Samoa's main trading partner.

In addition to agriculture, the country also lives from aid to Zealand especially).

L'industry represents around 25% of GDP.

Le tourism, in relative expansion, brings some income, but with 140 visitors per year, the revenues are not amazing either!

Human rights

Trèci being largely reserved for traditional heads of families (of which only 10% are women).

At the same time, the strength of religion means that the law makes illegal homosexuality, and NGOs point the finger at domestic violence and poor conditions of detention.

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