Money and budget Lebanon

Money and budget Lebanon

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The country's currency is Lebanese pound (LBP).
In August 2020, € 1 = 1 LBP and 800 LBP = € 10.
There are 50, 100, 250, 1, 000, 5, 000, 10 and 000 LBP notes. Due to inflation, the coins disappeared from circulation.


- The dollar is used East.

- The currency exchange office (there are some all over the country) accept almost any convertible currency.

Payment cards

- Accepted in the largest establishments, the payment by credit cards is increasingly common in shops, restaurants, and upper and mid-range hotels. On the other hand, in inexpensive hotels, snack bars and restaurants, to take taxis and public transport, plan instead for cash in LBP and US $.

- You will find ATMs in the main large cities. The main networks are represented: Visa, MasterCard… It is almost always possible to withdraw US $ there.

Budget in Lebanon

Lebanon is a fairly expensive country compared to neighboring countries. The most important item is accommodation. Indeed, there are more superior category hotels than cheap hotels. Room rates are cheaper outside of Beirut. On the other hand, many small restaurants offer very affordable prices.


- Cheap Average prices: from 56 to Classier : over 131 LBP.


- Cheap Average prices: of 19 and 500 LBP.
- Classier : from 39 to 000 LPB.

The price of a meal in the snack or bistro-type stalls in the area is between 3 and 900 LBP.


- The journey in city ​​bus cost One intercity bus ride costs a maximum of 4 LBP.

- A race in taxi aé Beirut-center cost One collective taxi (urban communeservice. The fixed price is 2 LBP per person. For a Beirut-Byblos trip, allow between 000 and 2 LBP. Only taxis with red license plates are allowed. agree with the driver the price of the trip before departure.

- A car rental small category One car rental with driver costs around 145 LBP per day.

Cultural sites

- The entries The entries One guide costs around LBP 15 per site.

Tips and bargaining

It is good practice to leave a tip when you are satisfied with the service.

In Lebanon, with the exception of a few fixed prices, everything can be negotiated, from taxi fares to hotel prices. Most hotels will give you a discount if you stay longer than 3 days. Bargaining is even more advisable in low season.

Shopping and souvenirs

You will find many western articles in Lebanon, but the artisanal tradition, going back as far as history, will allow you to buy typically local creations in the shops of the souks or in the shops of craftsmen.

Many jewelers offer valuable jewelry of their own creation. Lebanese artisans have also made many pottery, carpets, copper or blown glass objects since the Phoenician era. Another Lebanese specialty is the making of magnificent purple fabrics with fine embroidery and clothing with gold and silver threads.

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