Money and budget Greece

Money and budget Greece

Money, banks, exchange


L'euro (in Greek evro), since January 2002.


At 14h. They are closed and public holidays.


For our readers outside the euro zone, avoid changing money in tourist offices. They take a very high commission.

Currency exchange offices in towns, mostly open daily and fairly late at night. Rate equivalent to that of banks, but higher commission.

Payment cards

In Greece say: “April 2017 the government had given 4% commission on transactions.

In the euro zone, no bank charges on card payments. Withdrawals are subject to the same pricing conditions as those made in France (free for most cards).

Budget in Greece

Greece remains relatively inexpensive. However, it all depends on how you approach it and when you travel.

These last tourists like Athens or Hydra.
For food, retail prices vary widely; popular restaurants are still affordable. On the other hand, gasoline has become one of the most expensive in Europe, and public transport (bus, train, boat), due to high fuel prices and increased taxes, is climbing a little more each year. .

As part of the 3rd "aid plan", Greece had to remove the reduced VAT rate which applied in the islands.

In 2018, a “residence tax” in the hotel industry was introduced: 0,50 to 4 € depending on the standing of the establishment.

As for the VAT rate in catering, it went from 13% to 24% in 2016. The increases have also logically affected the price of admissions to museums, sometimes dramatically.



Prices vary incredibly from one time of the year to the next. Avoid the Greek Passover period as much as possible (the days leading up to Easter Sunday). On a daily basis, everything is discussed according to supply and demand.

ATTENTION, this é Cheap Average prices: from 40 to 75 & euro Chic: from 65-70 to 100 € per double room.

Homestay accommodation

Much cheaper than the hotel. All rooms must in principle be declared to the Hellenic Tourist Office, and prices must be displayed behind the room door. Around 25 €, out of season, we should be able to start finding a basic but decent room for two, in a place that is not very touristy. The prices double (at least) in season. The formula often becomes more interesting with small apartments for 4 or 5 people. 


Wild camping is prohibited.
Campsites are relatively expensive for the services offered. Count from 15 to 28 € for 2 with a car and a tent. 


Then again, your budget will not be the same if you enjoy grilled fish every night on the harbor or if you are looking for popular tavernas, which are significantly more affordable.

- Cheap Average prices: from 10 to Chic: from 20 to 40 €.

- Fish is sold by the kilo and it is expensive. The best, at 65 & euro20 We compose our meal at In a tavern, count 7-9 & euro Count between 12 and 15 & euro Restaurant owners charge for bread. Count a supplement The service is included, but it is customary to leave a little something if you are satisfied (from the simple rounding off to 5 or 10%).

Shopping and souvenirs

- Craft items: rugs, hand-woven bags, pottery and ceramics, fabrics, silver jewelry (loannina specialty).

- Olive oil : in 0,5 l, 1 l, 2 l or 4 l can. The country is the 3rd largest producer in Europe. Every corner of Greece competes for the honor of having the best oil. You can also bring home olive oil soap made locally.

- Local specialties : everywhere, you can buy "sweets", Turkish delights and berries in a kind of syrup that the Greeks serve with coffee. Sold in small jars. Among the musts: vyssino (morello cherry), nerantzi (bitter orange), kydoni (quince) and milo (apple, often scented with a clove). The specialty shops offer all kinds of preserves: capers, olives, tomato jam, herbs, etc.

- Komboloi being the oldest gadget in the world. A sort of rosary that we chuck to occupy the fingers. It can be purchased at some newsstands and many tourist shops. Classic komboloi are made from amber, olive wood, or carob wood.

- The wine (the retsina in particular), theouzo and tsipouro.

Be careful, however, if you have not checked in baggage in the hold, bringing back this type of souvenir (in a bottle, in a tin ...) is quite simply impossible because it will be systematically taken during the security check.

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