Micronesia Food, Food and Drink

Micronesia Food, Food and Drink


Although they live in the middle of the ocean, Micronesians end up eating relatively little fresh fish. They seem to prefer the corned beef, introduced by the Americans at the end of WWII, fried chicken (of poor quality), hot dogs, hamburgers and Coca-Cola ... These are all bad habits taken in Guam or Hawaii, or watching Californian commercials on TV ...

Traditionally, in the villages, we eat what the land and the sea offer. Fish of course, but also crab (mangrove in general, coconut palm sometimes), plantains, breadfruit (very good grilled), taro (blah blah…) and yam.

The latter is considered in Pohnpei as a sacred plant. Some specimens (harvested between mid-October and March) happily exceed the quintal! Chicken and pig are generally reserved for family feasts.

At a restaurant, in good cases, this is usually limited to one pofresh isson accompanied by rice, some vegetables, pieces of taro or breadfruit. There are also Japanese influences in some family restaurants: if you are offered (fresh) teriyaki tuna, jump on it, it's excellent!

More original, in Pohnpei, we eat ... dog !! The recipe is simple: heat stones in an uhmw (traditional oven), take a dog, regardless of breed and size, grill it flat, or stuff it with hot stones to speed up cooking, and cover everything with banana leaves for stewing. Serve again with breadfruit, taro or plantains.
Rest assured, we will not serve you without warning you: it is a dish reserved for special occasions.

You like ? Make your hosts happy, say: kidi iou (delicious, dog!).

From a practical point of view, if you want to save money, in supermarkets you will find ramen (Asian instant noodles).


Yams, pigs and sakau are the three keys to Pohnpeian happiness, there is a saying. The sakau ? This local cousin of Polynesian kava, consumed in Micronesia only by the inhabitants of the islands of Pohnpei and Kosrae, is made from the crushed root of a species of pepper tree. Sticky, with an earthy taste, it anesthetizes the taste buds, causing a slight tingling that the Pohnpeians claim to be euphoric - on condition that you drink liters of it (if you can) ...
Across the island, sakau bars invite you to taste this essential beverage, consumed by both women and men (but in smaller proportions, generally).

Micronesians also manufacture tuba, an alcohol made from coconut palm sap.

In everyday life, we find everywhere fresh coconuts.

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