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There are very few sandy beaches in Croatia, due to the mountains being too close to the sea. The beaches are either covered with pebbles or with concrete. We present to you the 10 most beautiful of them, most of them located in the many Croatian islands ...

1. The Beaches of Rovinj

The coast of Rovinj is a protected natural heritage, with beaches covered with small pebbles. The beaches of Skaraba Bay feature cliffs, from which it is possible to go scuba diving. Not far from Rovinj, discover the Lim Fjord, formed around 12 years ago and accessible by boat.

Rovinj beach

2. The beaches of Rabac

Located in Istria, Rabac is a real tourist spot in Croatia. Covered with gravel, the beaches are located in the immediate vicinity of the vegetation, thus offering a paradisiacal setting. Many sports activities are offered to those who have energy to spare.

Rabac beach

3. Lubenice beach

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, the small cove of Lubenice, on the island of Cres, is a must. To get there, you will have to walk 45 minutes on a charming narrow path. Once you arrive, relax! Covered with pebbles and spared from the crowds of tourists, it is the ideal place for a day of idleness in a spectacular setting. Lazy to walk back? You can take a water taxi from Valun or Cres.

Lubenice beach

4. Brela beach

Brela beach is covered with pebbles for about six kilometers. Near this beach, you will discover a rock that fell out of nowhere, a little atypical in this setting. It offers a real attraction on its own. Nearby, stretch out on Punta Rata beach, in the shade of the pine forest.

Brela beach

5. Vruja beach

If you are a diving enthusiast, then this beach will be your paradise! Swim among schools of fish or prefer freshwater points, deep enough to explore many underwater species.

Vruja beach

6. Lopar beach

If you are desperate to find fine sand, then Lopar is for you. So imagine: Two kilometers of fine sand, water between 25 and 30 ° C, a pine forest ... No wonder then that it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia!

Lopar beach

7. Zlatni Rat beach

If there is one famous island in Croatia, it is this one! Filmed many times, this pebble beach is located at the very end of the island of Brac. It thus gives hold to all the winds, which means that it often changes shape during the same day.

The beach Zlatni Rat

8. Lapad beach

Located in Lapad Bay, this beach is the largest in Dubrovnik. You will find all the infrastructure suitable for relaxation, as well as shower cubicles. In addition, this beach is supervised, which makes its choice relevant in the event of a family trip.

Lapad beach

9. Korculanska Bay

Located on the island of Korcula, you can stretch out on very beautiful beaches, all complemented by bars and restaurants. Nearby, very set back, there is also a nudist beach.

Korculanska beach

10. Stiniva beach

Stiniva beach is surely the most spectacular on the island of Vis. To get there you will have to take a very narrow passage before reaching a little gem: a pebble beach, surrounded by cliffs 35 meters high. On site, you can put on your masks and snorkel to explore the seabed by snorkeling, in incredibly transparent waters ... surely one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia!

Stiniva beach

Shellfish and crustaceans ... the joys of swimming in Croatia!

You will understand that Croatia is a dream destination for a seaside holiday. The variety of its beaches will delight all travelers. Snorkeling, relaxing with your toes in a fan or more sporting activities ... Everyone will find his account ! Want to know more to complete your stay? Do not hesitate to consult our article on the culture and history of Croatia.

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