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Timeless theater decor

Trogir is a bit like a theater set that has stood the test of time.

The arrival on the small road does not look like much (the scenery is not quite splendid), but don't be fooled, once you arrive you will soon fall under the spell of this charming little town.

At the entrance to the old town, the small market welcomes travelers with a deluge of colors and authenticity (don't try to speak English with its merchants from another age, here everything is negotiated in Croatian... or by signs).

Do not hesitate to buy fresh and regional products (watermelons, pistachios, grapes, artisan savory pies), perfect; we can imagine, for the rest of your journey.

And then, at the end of the market, there is the small bridge, the only entry point to the historic centre.

And there, it is better to have a strong heart. We advise you to start the visit with a panoramic view.

The one that the bell tower of St Laurent's cathedral offers you at the entrance to the old town is breathtaking (the climb on the wobbly steps is just as breathtaking).

On the descent, don't miss the superb Romanesque tympanum, which has nothing to envy to that of Vézelay!

Then, on leaving the building, linger over what is the largest square in the place.

Not only is the Venetian-influenced architecture superb, but the many little stalls that surround it offer original souvenirs.

Now that you have an overview of Trogir, do not hesitate to get lost in the infinity of alleys and passages available to you.

It is by walking through this maze that we understand why UNESCO did not hesitate to classify this jewel as a world heritage site.

If at the turn of an alley a place is offered to you, take advantage of the moment and sit down at one of the many terraces, your purse will not suffer.

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Useful information

Trogir is very small and very busy in the high season.

Whether you come from the north (Sibenik) or the south (Split), we advise you to leave early and, if you are driving, not to try to park in the center.

Please note: only one bank in the old town, remember to take cash before entering.
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