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The "Pearl of the Adriatic", as it is rightly called, you can feel it coming when you descend the southern coast of Croatia.

After a journey on the main road overlooking the cliffs, and a mini detour through Bosnia, we can see Dubrovnik from afar and already feel all its splendor.


Dubrovnik is very mixed. 

Modern city, as evidenced by its port and its clubs, but also medieval (it is a city surrounded by ramparts); very touristy town;

from audioguides to restaurants, from "industrial" camping to nightclubs open all week, also populated by 50.000 inhabitants but which has managed to remain unspoiled (you barely move away from the center when you can already taste the delights of diving along the rocks)…

Unless you absolutely want to avoid the crowds, staying outside the old town is not very interesting, most of the things to see are of course located inside the ramparts.

It should be noted in passing that the whole center of Dubrovnik is pedestrianized, it is a joy to walk there but, if you are by car, you need a little luck to find a parking space fairly close (moreover, there is lots of not very economical paying pitches). Think taxi and bus.

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The old Town

Here we are. There are many entrances, so do not hesitate to get lost in the small streets before rushing to the traditional cultural addresses.

It is amazement. Everything is clean, beautiful, sparkling, calm! There are lots of things to see.

In bulk: the pharmacy (the oldest in Europe), the walk on the ramparts (very pleasant), the St Blaise church and the Sponza Palace (one opposite the other on the main square), etc. .

Do not hesitate to inquire at the many offices, often open until 22 p.m. (there is one in the shopping street).

We leave you the pleasure of walking the rest of the streets because, as evidenced by this photo, we go from discovery to discovery:

nice little shops, cheap restaurants, houses with strange architecture, typical locals, local musicians...

One last thing: in summer there is a magnificent festival in Dubrovnik (from mid-July to the end of August), and the whole city comes alive even more (shows and outdoor events in more than pleasant temperatures).

Useful information

The campsite is really soulless but it can be useful if needed (do not stay there). As said above, pay attention to access to the center.

Useful addresses :

Dubrovnik Tourist Board
Easily find accommodation in Dubrovnik
city ​​portal

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