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A walk that can end (very) late

You will have realized it when you lose yourself there during the day, Dubrovnik attracts a lot of people.

From the Italian billionaire who comes to anchor his luxury yacht in the old port to the band of German tourists who have hitchhiked so far, all ages, all nationalities and all budgets meet in the city.

The night therefore lends itself to meetings of all types, especially as there is no shortage of bars, restaurants and clubs.

Add to this the charm of an admirably lit medieval old town, small squares which, at the bend of an alley, offer concerts of jazz, Balkan folklore or classical music and you will obtain a cocktail of charm.

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To start well...

As often in Dubrovnik, everything starts from the central artery formed by the main street.

Impossible to miss, it crosses the ramparts on both sides and you just have to follow the crowds to find your way around.

Of course, the restaurants and cafes are a little more expensive there, but the atmosphere is really there.

A walk is required:

Whether you are alone, with friends or, even better, as a couple, a night stroll in the old town is an essential stopover.

The nooks, alleys and numerous staircases offer perspectives of mysterious charm and the difference between the perfect lighting of the main monuments and the opaque black of the small streets encourages you to let yourself be carried away or... to get lost.

This little moment of relaxation allows you to get off the beaten track and forget the crowds of tourists who, in season, roam the main street.

Long live the party

As a tourist city, Dubrovnik obviously has a lot of bars where it is possible to dance.

But rest assured, it is always possible to find real authenticity there, and young Croatians mingle with passing foreigners without any problem.

Please note: the old town goes to sleep most of the time around 2 am, a little later on weekend days.

If you want to keep the party going, all the clubs are at the northern end of the main street, just outside the ramparts.

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