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    Solta, far from mass tourism

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    You are in Split, you have little time and still want to set foot on island soil, then Šolta is made for you! The closest island to Split, it will only take you about twenty minutes to cross the channel separating Šolta from the mainland on one of the ferries or various boats departing from Split. Paradoxically, it seems that time has stood still on this island where almost nothing seems to indicate any interest in the tourist business to such an extent that the grocery stores can be counted on the fingers of one hand and it is better have your bottle of water in your bag between two “oases” during a hike among the olive trees.

    At your disposal: three or four archetypical Dalmatian villages, on foot more difficult to access than the summit of the Himalayas and which offer you the spectacle of a bygone life on the most famous islands of Dalmatia. Stone houses, small coves and lunar landscapes are the sign of an island to which too few people attach importance.

    Refuge for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and beautiful Dalmatia, Šolta is nevertheless quite popular with yachtsmen who find in the ports of Stomorska or Maslenica a welcome far removed from the gasworks of the large surrounding marinas.

    It is difficult to say that a stay in Dalmatia necessarily passes through the island of Šolta. And yet, rediscovering the authenticity of an island where the little grannies still make their own eau-de-vie (watch out for the holes in your stomach!) is priceless.

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