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    Taste of Dalmatia Day Tour from Dubrovnik

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    Martí Micolau


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    In the charming village of Orasac, take part in the production of old-fashioned olive oil, where the mill is operated by a horse. This journey through time will certainly please you. There, you will also have the opportunity to taste homemade cheese, smoked ham and wine. All this in an old house that hasn't changed much through the ages.


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    At the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik, Ston was the second most important city. Its wealth comes from the production of salt which is still in operation today. Although famous for being the city walls, which are considered the second longest in the world, today this region is mainly known as the oyster capital of Croatia.

    You will be served a fabulous seafood dish (octopus, mussels, small fish and an oyster). Finally, you'll pay a visit to one of the region's best-known wine producers.

    For centuries, the peninsula of Peljesac has been known for its excellent wines. And the family of Milo wine cellars is certainly today one of the main representatives of this production. During the visit to the cellar, wine tastings will be organized.

    Detailed schedule

    Starting point :
    Various pickup points in Dubrovnik

    Departure time :

    • GRUZ PORT 08h45
    • H.LAPAD 08h10
    • H.PRESIDENT 08h15
    • COMPASS 08h20
    • POSTA LAPAD 08h20
    • FREEDOM RIXOS 08h20
    • KOMODOR 08h25
    • VIS/ADRIATIC 08h30
    • LERO/IVKA/BELLEVUE 08:30 am
    • PALACE 08h30
    • ARGENTINA 08:30 am
    • EXCELSIOR 08h30
    • HILTON GARAGE 08h35
    • ZUPA, SREBRENO 08h25
    • ASTAREA 08h20
    • FLAT 08:10
    • EPIDAURUS 07h45
    • ALBATROSS 07:50
    • BUS ST. CAVTAT 07h55
    • CROATIA 08h00
    • EIGHTS 07x10
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