Magic of colors in Plitvice

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This wonder of nature of some 20.000 ha is located approximately halfway between Zagreb and Zadar. A natural park since 1949, the Plitvice Lakes (Plitvicka Jezera) constitute a rare set of lakes of various and varied sizes which flow into each other with the added bonus of magnificent waterfalls and waterfalls now listed as World Natural Heritage in UNESCO.

Plitvice is worth a visit whatever the season. Summer offers you a cool break in your Croatian stay in the shade of the density of the surrounding forests but with a crowd that can make the visit painful. If fall gives you magnificent colors and winter truly impressive frozen waterfalls, spring and the melting snow make lakes and waterfalls even more lively.

Entirely signposted site (you have remarkably well indicated routes of different durations), the small log paths and the shuttle boats from one lake to another sometimes make you think that Plitvice could benefit from being a little less domesticated.

Once a year, in the spring, there is a more sporty way to experience the natural park. The Plitvice Marathon is, along with the Zagreb Marathon, one of the biggest athletic events in Croatia. Guaranteed difference in height and magnificent setting for a competition which offers, in addition to the marathon, a race of around 16km.

Difficult in Croatia to escape a painful past still close. Take advantage of your visit to the lakes to walk along the old road that connects Zadar to Plitvice, you will realize how far the region has come back following the war of the 90s. It is indeed on the site of Plitvice that the first victim was enumerated in 1991, which triggered hostilities.

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