Culture Quebec

Culture Quebec


MêfrançFrance, c & rsquocoureur of the cultural awakening of the province at the end of the clerical and authoritarian regime of the "Great blackness".

La Littéfrançaise, she does not hesitate to use the “joual” (popular language of Quebec) and to speak about the little people with a lot of realism.

Among the great authors quéRoyal), RéClaire Blais (A season in the life of Beaulieu (Race of people!).

Today, Quebec writers, after the failures of the referendum on independence, seek less the affirmation of the national fact than theexpression of individuality and a certain dismay at the modern world.

In addition, Quebec literature has been enriched by thecontribution of cultural communities based in Montreal, one of the best representatives of which is the Haitian-born writer Dany Laferrière (How to make love with a nigger without getting tired). Yves Beauchemin (Le Matou), Arlette Cousture (Les Filles de Caleb), Marie Laberge (Le Goût du Bonheur), Louis Hamelin (La rage), Gaetan Soucy (The Little Girl Who Loved the Matches) and Nelly Arcan (Whore) count among the most noted Quebec authors in recent years.

Living arts

In the years & oeligMarc Bouchard (Les Feluettes), RenéDaniel Dubois (Being at Home with Claude) or Wajdi Mouawad (Littoral). The playwright and director Robert Lepage (La Face cachée de la lune), for his part, has an international audience with his dreamlike universe and strongly marked by technology.

Shown across Canadian borders, including the Montreal Jazz Ballets and LaLaLa Human Steps.

- circus arts promote local artists far beyond Quebec: Cirque Eloize and, above all, Cirque du Soleil (which in just a few years has become a multinational entertainment company with an annual turnover of more than $ 500 million) tour worldwide. Its extravagant costumes, breathtaking sets and staging, appealing to both circus and street performance, have made Cirque du Soleil a unique show of its kind.


Quebec singers with big names like Felix Leclerc, Gilles Vigneault (his Mon Pays has become the planetary quostar. Interpreters like Richard Desjardins, Lynda Lemay, Yann Perreault or the Loco Locass group perpetuate the tradition of Quebec song to text and engaged.


Supported by the National Film Board and a proactive policy, Quebec cinema has been in very good shape for the past forty years. Realistic, committed and shot with little means in the 1960s, it evokes the New Wave and English Free Cinema in the 1960s and 1970s.

Quebec directors, often independentists and committed to the left, make a resolutely social cinema close to documentary. It was the heyday of Claude Jutra, Gilles Carle (Death of a lumberjack), Michel Brault (Les Ordres) and Francis Mankiewicz (Les Bons ridas).

Trained at this school, Denys Arcand makes films that are often very critical, ironic and with sparkling dialogues. He gained international recognition and success with his famous diptych The Decline of the American Empire and Les Invasions barbares.

These last France ...), coméClaude Lauzon Marc Vallée).

Global Refusal

In full "backward French and on the fringes of the world." Advocating a total break with traditionalism, the “Refus Global” announces the “Quiet Revolution” which will liberate Quebec society in the 1960s and bring it into modernity. The “Global Refusal Manifesto” is also at the origin of the Automatist Movement.

Composed Emile Borduas, the Automatist Movement advocates Paul Riopelle, a non-figurative abstract painter, is the best known of the Automatists.

Quebec, land of festivals

Quebecers love festivals. There is something for everyone, at all times of the year, but with high inflation in summer.

  • See the calendar of holidays and festivals in Quebec.

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