Alaska Identity Card

Alaska Identity Card

- Area: 1 km² Population: 737 inhabitants (000 estimate), of which more than half in particular in the valleys Language : english.
- Reunited, incorporated President : Donald Trump (Republican), elected in November 2016, invested in January 2017.

- Governor of Alaska: Mike J. Dunleavy, member of the Republican Party (since December 2018). Alaska is a Republican stronghold: traditionalist, religious and libertarian, hostile to the federal government and adept at individual “liberty”. The current governor is however “unlabeled”. 

- Ethnicities: the native population of mainland United and Canada, the natives of Alaska were not granted "reservations", and therefore have no political or fiscal rights. On the other hand, they have the right to practice traditional hunts (including that of the whale).

- Unesco World Heritage Sites: Kluane / Wrangell - St. Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini-Alesk (1979). These stunning glaciers stretch from Canada to Alaska. You won't find a larger non-polar ice field! 


Colonized United, withdraw 90% of its resources from hydrocarbons!
Since 1977, an oil pipeline has linked Prudhoe Bay, on the Arctic Ocean, to Valdez, on the Pacific, where tankers are released. With the fields of Prudhoe Bay threatening to run out quickly enough, the Bush administration attempted to obtain the extension of the Petroleum National Reserve to the protected lands of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; this attempt was stopped in extremis.
The Alaska Permanent Fund, a permanent fund established in 1976, provides investment income from oil and gas. The balance of the investments is paid to all state residents in the form of an allowance.

Besides sin essentially) and tourism. The army, very present, also ensures constant funding.
As for manufactured products, the state imports the majority.

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