Activities and leisure Île-de-France

Activities and leisure Île-de-France

Theme parks

Disneyland Paris

- Information.

- Té64-74-40-00 ou 0825-300-500.

- A good tip: for é306-030 or 01-60-30-60-66 and on the website, in Fnac, àde-France and in the provinces.

- Prices : don't forget that Onc 'Scrooge is running the cash register! It is therefore expensive, even if the management has considerably lowered the prices since the creation of the 1st park and that there are interesting promotions at certain times of the year, especially from January to March (watch for special offers on their website) and cheaper tickets if you reserve in advance (see below).
It exists several types of passports, from 1 to 4 days ... Free up to 3 years. Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult.

- 1 day / 1 park ticket: valid for Disneyland OR Walt Disney Studios. Adult 87 & euro11 years 80 price for Disneyland Park, but not for the much smaller Walt Disney Studios Park.

- 1 day / 2 park ticket: valid for Disneyland Park AND Walt Disney Studios Park. Adult 76-107 & euro100 €, depending on periods.
Possibility to navigate from one park to another as many times as you want. Be careful not to spend your time running!

2-day / 2-park ticket: valid for the 2 theme parks. Adult: € 169; child: 156 €.
This passport offers total freedom of movement since you can navigate as you wish between the 2 parks. The 2 days do not necessarily have to be consecutive (a good point for Parisians).

Disneyland Park

- memory. On busy days, it can still be smart to do your shopping in the middle of the day, to take a break between 2 crowded attractions. Main Street is reminiscent of a large American city street from the early XNUMXth century, straight out of Walt Disney's childhood memories.

- Fantasyland, Dominépetits, who find all their childhood friends there.

- Frontierland: L & rsquovy you for John Wayne or Clint Eastwood as you embark on a wild ride to Landing, a superb paddle steamer, typical of the Mississippi region. From there, you will discover the old fisherman's hut. We almost believe it ...

- Adventureland: You enter through a superb Kasbah. The tree laid out by the Swiss Robinson Crusoes (to be climbed) is only the prelude to the 2 major attractions of this part of the park: The Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril.

- Discoveryland: The flagship attraction is Space Mountain: Mission 2 (FastPass) which propels you (literally!) Into space. On leaving, go for a run-in at Star Tours (FastPass), the starting point of an intergalactic journey, thanks to the encounter between the technique of flight simulators and the Star Wars saga. For the little ones: Buzz Lightyear, Bataille Lazer (FastPass). Finally, visit of an authentic Nautilus.

Walt Disney Studios Park

Adjoining Disneyland Park, this 2d theme park offers visitors a behind-the-scenes look at cinema, animation and television, through 4 “production zones”. The park is small next to its big brother. There are only about fifteen attractions, in addition, of uneven quality. Some are really extra, others much less.

- Frontlot: You must enter Studio 1, a reconstruction of a mythical Hollywood. In fact, it is mainly a passage to access attractions and a mini-shopping center with shops and restaurants (the equivalent of Main Street after all). The walls are only facades, decorations in fact.

- Toon Studio: This area is devoted to the art of animation, the source of Disney's success. This is where you will go primarily with children under 10 years old.

- Production Courtyard: Here we are behind the scenes of cinema and television.

- Backlot: This last area is especially devoted to special effects and stunts.

Parc Asterix

- information: billetterie : 09-86-86-86-87.

- Prices : adult 51 & euro7) adult € 43; child 40 €; free under 3 years old. Season Pass (valid for 1 year for an unlimited number of visits to Parc Astérix): adult € 109; child € 99. Promotions on the website.
The rapidus pass (€ 30!) Gives priority access to the 8 main attractions.

Parc Astérix is ​​divided into 6 universes:

  • Gaul, where we find the village of Asterix, 
  • Roman Empire, 
  • ancient Greece (great reconstruction of a small village on the Aegean coast, with its taverns and white and blue houses), 
  • Through time, for a journey from the Middle Ages to the XNUMXth century, 
  • the Vikings zone, for those who have goudurix 
  • and finally, Egypt, with its pharaonic attraction, Oziris!

In terms of entertainment, the park is divided between 2 strong points: shows (3, plus entertainment in the Village) and thrill rides.

Guinguettes of Val-de-Marne

Chez Géla-Sardine, La Goulue, Le Petit Robinson, L & rsquoPêcheur: names that are sometimes poetic, often evocative, willingly scoundrels. The open-air café has been on the rise for a few years, and that's good.

What are the constraints of moving outside the new borders? Banks of the Marne for many of them, edges of the Seine for others.

The dictionary recalls that it is "a popular place of pleasure generally located in the suburbs of a big city". We drink there of course (and not just white wine), but we dance there too. The main dances performed from the XNUMXth century in taverns were imported by the different waves of immigration: waltz, mazurka, quadrille and scottish. The musette will come only later, brilliantly relayed to the accordion by phenomena like Jo Privat.

Tombérétro and have found a new youth, at the same time as a new audience. So wax your heels, secure your boater firmly and "heat Marcel, heat!" ".

Today, they remain masters of the menu.

Educational farms

Bergerie Nationale farm in the park of the Château de Rambouillet: 
For more than two centuries, the Bergerie has been a place of agricultural experimentation. It is here that the technique of artificial insemination was developed. Today, it brings together production activities but also training in various agricultural professions. She specialized in agroecology. Although sheep remain the most numerous, cows, chickens, goats, pigs and poultry are also raised there. Educational panels, demonstration workshops, and even a “cuddly” corner punctuate the visit, which lasts about 2 hour.

- Ferme de Paris (Georges-Ville), in the Bois de Vincennes: 1, route du Pesage, Bois de Vincennes, 75012 Paris. TE71-28-50-56. Free admission.

A real farm. The little rats of the cities in need of greenery will discover there the occupations of the small rats of the fields. Five hectares of culture, large cows and small chickens.  

- Gally farms: Farm Saint-Cyr-l'ÉCyr-l'Éservice (in season) in a space dedicated to agricultural production, numerous workshops.

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